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As web developers and web designers, we constantly looking at the sheer amount of new resources, tools and applications that we can tap into increases exponentially with time.

And here is just a quick look at some recently created resources that deserve your attention — everything from new CSS and HTML frameworks, things for WordPress such as plugins and themes, to some great jQuery plugins and some awesome apps for mobile, web and desktop that really deserves your attention to some great news items like my favourite domain registar (Namecheap) introduced some new TLD’s and Envato introduces a new site to they outstanding network and last but not least some free fonts and design files to download and use.

Javascript & jQuery Plugins



X-editable is a in-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery. This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-ui, jquery only) and includes both popup and inline modes. It’s new life of bootstrap-editable plugin that was strongly refactored and improved.



Alertify is a fully customizable alert, confirm and prompt dialogs JavaScript notification system.



Cache and load static files from local storage. This makes it easier to manage Javascript and other files for offline use, or just to improve the startup time of your web app.

JS Library Boilerplate


The JavaScript Library Boilerplate helps you roll your own Javascript library with a tiny and robust core base. You can create your own library such as jQuery, Zepto, Prototype, etc, very easy and adding your own methods. The code is written in CoffeeScript, TypeScript and pure JavaScript.



Calendario is an experimental jQuery plugin for trying out some grid layouts that can be applied to calendars. The aim is to provide a suitable layout for both, small and big screens and keeping the calendar structure fluid when possible.



jHERE is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add interactive maps to your website. You get a powerful map API, highly customizable markers, event handling and info bubbles and comes with KML support and data visualization via heatmaps.



SocialCount is a lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.



Responsive Img is a jQuery plugin that swaps an image’s src attribute based on its container’s width when the DOM is ready and when the browser is resized.

Using a PHP file, Responsive Img creates new images on the fly the first time they’re needed and puts them on your server. Therefore, you can add Responsive Img to any site, without creating new images.



jGravity adds gravity to either all or specified elements within a page. Using the plugin is as easy as $(‘body’).jGravity(); which will use default settings to apply the gravity effect, which I think you will find quite similar to how Google presented ‘Google Gravity’ in an earlier Google easter egg.



Long Press is a jQuery plugin to ease the writing of accented or rare characters.

CSS Tools, CSS Frameworks, Responsive Things, @Font-Face & HTML5

Color Me SASS


A Color library for the CSS preprosessors SASS and LESS

Font Custom


Font Custom is a tool that will generate custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is create a directory for your svg and eps files. Then, on the command line, run: fontcustom watch /path/to/vectors Font Custom will then create the font and CSS file. It will also continue to run and watch the folder for changes, so you don’t have to manually re-run it each time you update the vector set.

Ai-> Canvas


The Ai->Canvas plug-in enables Adobe® Illustrator® to export vector and bitmap artwork directly to an HTML5 canvas element that can be rendered in a canvas-enabled browser. The plug-in provides drawing, animation and coding options such as events so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based web apps.



Singularity is a responsive grid system designed to be as flexible and small as possible while still providing an enormous amount of power. Singularity was originally conceived as a way to create asymmetric grids using modular scale but has evolved to support uniform column widths, asymmetric, and compound grids. The tools provided with Singularity make building these unique and complex grids a breeze.

Singularity also focuses on different development styles. Your grid can be expressed as classes or it can be written to elements as needed.



Punch is a simple, intuitive web publishing framework that needs Node.js to run. It generates HTML documents from Mustache templates and content stored in JSON and Markdown formats.

34 Grid

34 Responsive Grid System

34Grid is a Responsive Grid System based on “equally distributed columns” layout basis. In contrast to other great grid systems (@see bottom of page), 34Grid provides equally distributed columns for each row. (and also column complements for inequal distributions)



Dashing, built by the guys at Shopify, is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards

Desktop, Web  &  Mobile Apps



Spectrum is an Mac  10.7+ app for easily and intuitively creating beautiful color schemes.

Icon Bench


Iconbench is web app where you easy can style icons and choose which ones you want to download. At the moment iconbench has more than 5 different iconsets with more than 700 different icons for you to choose by each iconset belong to the respective owner.



Manymo is a drop-in replacement for local emulators. Work with your tools on your system, just like you’d do with local emulators.

Manymo phone emulators match OS version and screen sizes of 99% of all devices. Tablet emulators match everything current except the Kindle Fire, which is coming soon.

Mail Pilot


Mail Pilot keeps track of everything for you, so messages never slip through the cracks. With Mail Pilot you control the status of your messages, all messages that arrive are marked as incomplete and reading a message doesn’t change anything about it.  Once you complete any further action associated with a message, mark it as complete.



Makeappicon helps you to make and resize icons for iOS or Android apps. It resizes and optimizes your app icon designs automatically, and generates icons of all sizes you need before you submit an app to app stores.

Hey Offline


Heyoffline.js, as used by jsFiddle & Positionly, is a useful tool that warns your users when their network goes down, making sure they don’t lose anything.

durime is super-simple image-to-DataURI converter. Alll you have to do is drag an image to the drop area and then you press the “Generate Base-64 Code”. After that, all you need to do is click the option you prefer and then simply paste the automatically copied code

Self Starter


Selfstarter is an open source starting point for building your own ad-hoc crowdfunding site. It has been built to be really simple to use and setup allowing you plenty of space to beef it up with your own authentication, administration and product management code. It has initially been setup to collect reservations using Amazon Payments, but you can choose you own provider.

WordPress Themes, Plugins, Framework

Pods Framework


Pods is a WordPress framework for creating, managing, and deploying customized content types and fields. With Pods, you can create entirely new content types: Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and Advanced Content Types (these are entirely separate from WordPress and function off their own database tables). Not only will the plugin create new content types, it will also extend existing content types with its multitude of features.

Memory Load Consumption and db size Usage – WordPress Plugin

Memory Load Consumption and db size Usage

Indicate Memory and db Usage on WordPress Backend. Show Memory Load and db size on Footer and Max Memory Consumption on Admin Bar or ToolBar.

BoomBar – WordPress Plugin


Boom Bar adds top or bottom notification bars that make it easy to keep your site visitors informed with special messages or important information. Use Boom Bar site-wide or assign to individual posts or pages to promote sales or special offers, display alerts, show your latest tweets or provide a login prompt for registered users of your WordPress site.

Add Signature – WordPress Plugin

Add Email Signature

This plugin adds a configurable signature to every outgoing email that WordPress sends

Symple Shortcodes – WordPress Plugin

symple shortcodes

Tired of using a theme with built-in shortcodes, switching themes and then losing all your awesome styles? No worries, this is why WPExplorer created the Symple Shortcodes plugin! Now you can add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables…among other awesomeness and take them with you no matter what theme you decide to use.

 jQuery My Social Share – Premium WordPress Plugin $10

my social share

Add your network portfolio to any wordpress website without any knowledge of code!  Showcase your presence on 10 of the most popular networks instantly!  Without any configuration whatsoever, the My Social Share Plugin will allow users to click through to your various profiles in a stylish and sleek manner.

URL2QR Code Auto Generator – Premium WordPress Plugin $15


URL2QR Code Auto Generator automatically generates an individual QR Code for each webpage and post on a website, thus giving each one its own identity. The QR Code can be generated in any foreground and background color and can be placed anywhere i.e. the header, footer, content area, sidebar via widget or by short code.

Magnes – Premium WordPress Theme $40


Magnes is a modern responsive onepage wordpress theme with an eye for clean and neat content arrangement based on Twitter Bootstrap Responsive HTML5 Framework. Magnes features a parallax background, animated filterable portfolio, various content patterns, integrated google map, fully working ajax based contact form and much more.

Humble – Premium WordPress Theme $35


Humble is built on the GetSkeleton framework, well, a modified version specific to Humble. It’s been built from the ground up to accomodate mobile devices, tablets and big screens! Coupled with some powerful Modernizr scripts Humble is perfect on any device.

News, Fonts, Design Freebies & One Infographic About Slow Websites

NameCheap New TLD.


I personally use NameCheap to buy all my own domain and while on it a few days ago I notice that they add the,, domain extensions (which is great for since I’m from Australia) but also domain extenstion of the following .es,,,, .pe,,, and

Fuel UX

fuel ux

Fuel UX extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. Other benefits include easy installation into web projects, integrated scripts for customizing Bootstrap and Fuel UX, simple updates, and solid optimization for deployment. All functionality is covered by live documentation and unit tests.

Envato launches Tuts+ Jobs


Envato laucnhes Tuts+ Jobs, a job board for full time, part time and casual employment opportunities for web and creative professionals.

Pane Typeface

pane typeface







Other Icons


Beige Web Elements


RedMilk UI Elements

red milk

Infographic – Slow Websites Cost Retailers Billions



40+ New Handpicked Goodies For Web Developers & Designers For December 2012


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