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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work and once again it’s time for our monthly roundup, below you will see that I’ve have added some great resources that really deserve your attention, resources such as some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, applications for any of your your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices including some great items in HTML5, CSS, Prototyping, mobile development and including some frameworks and for those lovers of WordPress I’ve also included free and premium themes, plugins last but not forgotten i’ve have added some design resources such as icons, UI’s and fonts both free and ones you will need to spend some cash on.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins


Magneticmediajs is a jQuery based library that will allow you to display media content (images, videos, maps, HTML & more) in a stylish and efficient way for your audience.It was built to run on most modern internet connected devices (iOS, Android, Desktop and other devices) through the use of the latest responsive design, JavaScript & CSS3 techniques with fallbacks for older devices where possible.It will take input from popular platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr or Dailymotion.It also aims at making your integration work easier with a clear API & documentation and displaying options that can be set with simple JavaScript parameters.


Strip is a Lightbox that only partially covers the page. This makes it less intrusive and leaves room to interact with the page on larger screens while giving smaller mobile devices the classic Lightbox experience.


Sweet Alert is a beautiful replacement for JavaScript Alert, as SweetAlert automatically centers itself on the page and looks great no matter if you’re using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet. It’s even highly customisable.


scotchPanels.js is a jQuery plugin for easily creating off canvas menus, navigations, and other panel types such as images, videos, and iframes. Scotch Panels are featured-packed and have a ton of different options for every skill-level to tweak and implement into almost any project. Scotch Panels work from any container so you can put your side navigation on any element you want. It even provides excellent backwards-compatible browser support via a JavaScript fallback. Lastly, there’s over 30 stripped down code samples to get you up and running in no time.


PerfMap is a front-end performance heatmap, as It’s a bookmarklet to create a front-end performance heatmap of resources loaded in the browser using the Resource Timing API. A browser with support for the Resource Timing API is required.

You will see with the heatmap colours and the first ms value indicate at what point in the page load the image finished loading. It’s a good indicator of user experience


Hello.js is a client-side Javascript SDK for authenticating with OAuth2 (and OAuth1 with a oauth proxy) web services and querying their REST API’s. HelloJS standardizes paths and responses to common API’s like Google Data Services, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect. It’s modular, so that list is growing. HelloJS can also be run on phonegap applications.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Grid – Mac 10.7+ App – $1.99 (Limited Time)

Grids is an Instagram client app for Mac OS X, users can view their feed, profile, liked photos, popular photos and nearby photos as well as like, comment and save photos/videos, and more. It’s user interface works both at full screen and in widget-sized window.

Affinity Designer – Mac OSX 10.7+ – $64.99

Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or just like creating cool concept art, Affinity Designer will revolutionize how you work.

It takes full advantage of OS X technologies such as OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics and is fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors to squeeze every ounce of available performance from your hardware – so it’s seriously fast. Whether it’s a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, you still pan and zoom at 60fps, move objects in correct z-order and see live views of all adjustments, brushes and effects as you’re working with no compromise.

Packer – Desktop App (Various) – Free

Packer is a tool for building identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. Packer is easy to use and automates the creation of any type of machine image. It embraces modern configuration management by encouraging you to use automated scripts to install and configure the software within your Packer-made images.

ShareX – Desktop App (Windows) – Free

ShareX is an open source app that lets you take screenshots or screencasts of any selected area with a single key, save them in your clipboard, hard disk or instantly upload them to over 30 different file hosting services. In addition to taking screenshots, it can upload images, text files and all other different file types.

Cheddar – Mac OSX 10.7+ & iOS App – Free

Cheddar keeps your world organized. It’s easy to use on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and on the web. Cheddar is super simple and instantly in sync on all of your devices.

Many todo lists have lots of clutter around creating tasks, adding tags, setting due dates, assigning to people, etc. Cheddar is just text. Type in the box. Press return. Done. If you want to tag a task, use a hashtag just like you would on Twitter. You can also use Markdown in your tasks for extra awesome.

PhotoDirector – iOS App – Free

PhotoDirector is a an easy-to-use photo editing and adjustment app, giving you the power to quickly add effects and filters, edit and enhance your shots, or create stylish photo collages on your iPhone and iPad.PhotoDirector puts a powerful set of photo editing tools in the palm of your hand, so that you can enhance photos the moment you take them, and share them with your friends and family instantly on Facebook, Flickr and more.

You can remove photobombers from your photo, adjust saturation, enhance tone, apply and adjust one-click photo effects, or even add a dramatic HDR effect, to create vivid, beautiful images on the go. Anyone can achieve outstanding, DSLR-like results in a matter of seconds with PhotoDirector.

Litmus Builder – Web App – Free


Litmus Builder is an web based email editor that is unlike other editors, Litmus Builder is continuously improved through contributions from the community—putting new technologies and best practices directly in your hands. It’s the world’s first code editor built for email designers by email designers.

CSS/HTML, Frameworks & Other Great Items

DevTools Tips

DevTools Tips is a curated collection of Chrome Developer Tools tips and tricks, updated at least once a week.

Gleez CMS

Gleez is an open source, extensible Content Management System that is built on the Kohana Framework. Gleez is the fusion of many good concepts from the 3 most popular CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Ruby Rails. With years of experience using these, we’ve gathered great ideas and in some cases, improved on them.With an emphasis on security and functionality, Gleez is a professional and robust system suitable for any business or organization. Built on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database, Gleez delivers superb performance on any size application.


Bootlint is a tool that checks for several common HTML mistakes in webpages that are using Bootstrap in a fairly “vanilla” way. Vanilla Bootstrap’s components/widgets require their parts of the DOM to conform to certain structures.Bootlint checks that instances of Bootstrap components havecorrectly-structured HTML. Optimal usage of Bootstrap also requires that your pages include certaintags, an HTML5 doctype declaration, etc.; Bootlint checks that these are present.

The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation – Free eBook

The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation will teach you the process and byproducts of building great products quickly and thoroughly as researched across the web and practiced by industry leaders it has real-life examples of 25+ documents across 7 product stages, advice on utilising deliverables in lean and agile environments in large and small companies experts also this book teach you to take on the strengths, weaknesses, and ways to think about each design stage and related deliverables


HumHub is a free social network software and framework built to give you the tools to make teamwork easy and successful. It’s lightweight, powerful and comes with an user-friendly interface. With HumHub you can create your own customised social network, social intranet or huge social enterprise application that really fits your needs.


csstyle is a modern approach for crafting beautifully maintainable stylesheets. The csstyle method is implemented using a set of SASS mixins that make your CSS readable and semantic, generate your selectors for you, and automatically handle things like specificity and nesting. csstyle makes your project’s styling refreshingly consistent

GitHub Student Developer Pack

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, but for most students, real world tools can be cost prohibitive. That’s why Github created the GitHub Student Developer Pack with some of Github’s partners and friends: to give students free access to the best developer tools in one place so they can learn by doing.

WordPress Frameworks, Plugins & Themes

Slider WD – Free Plugin

Slider WD is an effective tool for adding responsive sliders to your website. The slider plugin can be added both as a widget and plugin, as well as be included in the theme for displaying the slider within the theme using PHP function. Slider WD allows adding both images and videos (currently supporting YouTube and Vimeo to be displayed as slider slides). The numerous transition affects and layer support enhance the functionality of the product.

WC Vendors – Free Plugin

The WC Vendors plugin allows other users to sell tangible products, virtual products, or downloads on your site. With this plugin, your vendors receive commissions you set on products they sell from your store.

Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar – Free Plugin


Create a calendar of events to display on your site. Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar is a part of the Chamber Dashboard collection of plugins and themes designed to meet the needs of chambers of commerce.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro – Premium Plugin $24

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is a responsive HTML5 form to allow website users (guests/visitors/not logged in users) to submit a Standard WordPress Post or any other Post Types in an easy, customized way and is very powerful tool for front end posting.

If you’re looking for powerful WordPress guest post plugin, User Post Plugin, Anonymous post plugin, Front end post plugin, Guest Author plugin, Frontend form post feature, Guest blogging plugin, User submitted post with highly powerful yet customised options then AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is the right one!

WP Content Resharer Pro – Premium Plugin $14

The WP Content Resharer Pro is a plugin that been designed to keep older, but still relevant, content alive on your blog. Increase your following with the WP Content Resharer Pro Plugin; it is the most comprehensive plugin for marketing automation with proven results that guarantee an increase in your traffic.

Make sure your evergreen content is still generating traffic by automatically having them shared to your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts at set intervals. The plugin has many more features that further enhance a site owner’s ability to share older but relevant blog posts.

WOOPS – WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel – Premium Plugin $15

WOOPS – WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel provides an easy way to display WooCommerce products in a super flexible responsive product slider or a responsive product carousel.

This plugin comes with 6 easy shortcode, 4 ready widgets, 7 hover animation type and unlimited customization. The shortcodes are easy and highly configurable to control the look and function of the slider/carousel.

Saga – Free Theme

Saga is an tailor-made theme for writers by a published author and professional theme designer. Words are important to all writers. Getting those words to display beautifully on the screen can be a daunting task. Saga was created so that you could simply tell your story without worrying about the technical details.

Aside from impeccable typography and attention to detail, the theme provides several easy-to-use customization options so you can personalize your site’s design. It also integrates with the Literary plugin.

CleanPort-Lite – Free Theme

CleanPort is a flat design styled WordPress portfolio theme for businesses to show off their products and services in style. CleanPort is extremely light-weight, it exclusively uses built-in WordPress features so there is no bloated code to slow your site down. You can edit many options using the Theme Customiser.

I Am One – Free Theme

I Am One is an elegant and easiest to use Responsive WordPress theme with all kinds of elements available in order to complete a single one page website. It is best suited for any kind of industry like designers, design firms, business houses, corporates, personal profiles etc. Comes with 5 default templates, default parallax slider, social media integration, default gallery and widgets for blog area and other pages.

Health Care – Premium Theme $43

Health Care is a powerful multipurpose responsive WordPress theme suitable for medical and health related businesses. Its fresh and clean design makes it applicable for corporate websites, personal blogs, product-oriented sites as well. It looks great on tablets and mobile devices due to its responsive design and retina graphics. This theme comes with wide and boxed layouts, includes six predefined colour schemes which are very easy to customise. You can customise this theme as per your need as the theme includes many options.

Vienna – Premium Theme $58

Vienna is a premium restaurant theme that been designed for anyone in the restaurant and/or hospitality industry. Vienna was designed for restaurant and bar owners, banquet halls, catering companies, hospitality venues and professional bloggers who cater to the food niche As Vienna comes packaged with a ton of features including a menu system, events system, gallery system, book an event form, catering form, contact form, WooCommerce support, WPML support, custom mobile menu, custom homepage slider developed by Pulsar Media, custom slider support, retina support, 20+ custom shortcodes and a whole lot more plus Vienna been built on the Bootstrap 3 framework while using the powerful Redux Options framework.

Modern Vintage – Premium Theme $43

Modern Vintage combine a vintage style to a modern web layout to showcase in a very cool way you business. When you see the 4 live demos you can see just a few examples of the infinite custom possibilities of this theme. This theme is great for agencies and creative artists, photographers, bloggers and also other great activities like a bakery, a record store or a apparel clothing label. Use this fantastic theme to give to your website the retro touch you’ve always looked for.

Design Pieces – Icons, UI’s & Typography

Handsome Script – Font $25


Hardy- Font $10


Eveleth – Font $49


Lulo Clean – Fonts from $20


Big John / Slim Joe – Free Font


Gent – Free Font


Monster Icon Font


iPhone 6 Free Vector


Publica UI kit


12000 Free Outline Icons


Halloweenies – free icons


Health Icons



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