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Once again this post extends from my earlier post of the 60 or more New Handpicked Goodies For Web Designers & Developers For April 2014, as I didn’t want to bury you with a huge list of great resources, so basically down below you will find some greatness such as JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web, Mobile devices and I’ve included a few design soft extensions css tool kits, new grid system, a API glossary to some great Plugins & Themes for WordPress and lastly some fonts, icons & wireframe that deserve your attention also.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



HideSeek is simple but yet customisable jQuery plugin for live search, the plugin is compatible from IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and with  jQuery 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.11.0, 2.1.0. The HideSeek plugin supports highlighting, custom message, navigation, initialization via data attribute and custom events.



Flickerplate is a awesome jQuery plugin that lets you flick through content. This plugin is a jQuery plugin and so is required but its also requires Modernizr for touch detection and the jQuery.Finger library for touch events. But don’t worry as both jQuery and a custom build of Modernizr are supplied

Full Page


Full Page is a simple but easy to use plugin to create full-screen scrolling websites, as it allows the creation of fullscreen scrolling websites, as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.



Trianglify is a JavaScript library that lets you create colourful triangle meshes automatically, which you can then use as CSS backgrounds, or SVG images. There are controls for noise, cell size, and cell padding, and of course the whole thing is open source.

Font To Width


Font-To-Width if a small JavaScript routine which fits text to the width of an element using multiple font families of different widths.



EpicEditor is an embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor with split full-screen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more, For developers, it offers a robust API, that can be easily themed, and allows you to swap out the bundled Markdown parser with anything you throw at it.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Shortcat – Mac App – Free


Shortcat can keep your hands on the keyboard and boost your productivity, as Shortcat is a keyboard tool for Mac OS X that lets you “click” buttons and control your apps with a few keystrokes. Just think of it as Spotlight for the user interface.

Union – iOS App – $1.99


The Union iOS app is for creating superimposed, silhouetted, and double-exposure photos on your iPhone or iPad. Combine your photos in infinite ways to create mind-blowing scenery, artistic framing, and surreal images. Here is how it works.

Mindly – iOS App – Free


Mindly helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes. It is up to you. The universe is yours.

Marvel – iOS App – Free


The Marvel iOS app turns simple sketches on paper into interactive, tapp-able prototypes that allow you to demo your app ideas and share with others. Perfect for designers, UXers, product managers, startups, students and businesses that need to quickly prototype ideas to share with clients and teams.

Triangly – Web App – Currently Invite Only


Triangly is a great web app that allows you to build a portfolio for your work by just adding your files to your Dropbox, as Triangly doesn’t hold you back on how many projects you can include, while with Triangle you can have the ability to present your images separately or in sets, among other features.

Peroxide – Web App – Free


Peroxide is a simple, configurable proxy server that makes it easy to manage whether files are served locally or from production servers in your production environment. It’s easy to configure, with a JSON configuration file.

ZenPen – Web App – Free


ZenPen is a minimalist writing zone web app, where you can block out all distractions and get to what’s important and that is the writing!.

To get started is very simple as all you need to do is delete the text that is on the page, and then fill the page with your own content.  You can even use bold, italics, both and urls by highlighting the text and selecting them from the tiny options box that appears above it.

Velositey – Photoshop CS6+ Extension


Velositey is a Photoshop extension that is available for CS6 and up, anyway this extension is for prototyping your designs in just seconds. As this extension makes it easy to set up the basics of your design, including layout and styles and while being based on an 1170px grid.

Icon Pocket – Multi Design Service App – Free


Icon Pocket is a next generation icon service that lets you create your own private icon library in the cloud that’s accessible from your browser, desktop or inside of design apps like Photoshop (CS5/CS6/CC), Illustrator(CS5/CS6/CC), InDesign(CS5/CS6/CC), Sketch, PixelMator.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & Other Awesome Stuff



BassCSS is a lightweight collection of base styles, simple type and layout utilities that been designed for speed, performance, and scalability. You can use BassCSS straight out of the box for simple sites and prototypes or as a base for a larger SASS project.

Magic Animations CSS3


Magic CSS3 Animations is a package of CSS3 animations with special effects that you can freely use for your projects. By simply include the CSS style, either the decompressed magic.css or include the minified version: magic.min.css. In this package you can find that there are special effects like bling, perspective, rotate, slide, tin, bomb and etc.

Jeet Grid System


Jeet is probably one of the most advanced but yet intuitive, grid system that you can find on the market today, by making use of the power of pre-processors, we can now pass real fractions (or float numbers) as context that generates a percentage based width and gutter for grids all while maintaining a consistently sized infinitely nestable gutter.

As Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. So thats means no more needlessly nesting elements or no more rigid twelve column rules.



Quintus is a simple and easy-to-learn JavaScript HTML5 game engine for mobile and desktop games. It’s thoroughly documented, and there are plenty of demos and examples to check out.



Pesticide is a fast way for us to debug out CSS layout as we all know that sometimes Cascading Style Sheets can be tricky.  Pesticide place an outline on every element can help you figure out what the hell is going on.

API Glossary & Acronyms


API Glossary & Acronyms is an educational and collaborative project with the mission to help define industry terms and acronyms.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Infinite Slider – Free Plugin


Infinite Slider is a free but amazing WordPress Slider Plugin that comes from the team from Kinsta. This slider plugin comes with a whole lot of amazing features that is ideally for any type of websites.

The features that you can find includes a user friendly navigation, custom slider descriptions, automatic picture resizing and optional design elements and the features doesn’t stop there as this slider is also fully responsive and is very easy to install & customise.

WPBizPlugins Easy Admin Quick Menu – Free Plugin


This WordPress Plugin is really good for those who has clients that struggles to find their way around the WordPress Dashboard and doing the simple things such as adding new posts, pages or editing site menus.

This should fix those struggles as this plugin will allow you to create a very visible and super-effective quick menu, making where to find the most common WordPress actions so obvious for your clients.

Guerrilla’s Sticky Bar – Free Plugin

Guerrilla's Sticky Bar

Guerrilla’s Sticky Bar is a WordPress Plugin that adds a customisable sticky notification bar to the top of your website. Which is perfect for grabbing the attention of your visitors, even as they scroll down the page.

Responsive Google Map – Free Plugin


The Responsive Google Map plugin can help you integrate Google Map without any authentication key. You can independently customize the Google Map and integrate into the widget, page and post where you want.


Embed System WordPress plugin will extends your WordPress website by allowing you to make embeddable sections. You can loads only the scripts that you want while maintaining all content created from the panel. You can follow the Social giants as their use similar methods like this to deliver their content to other sites by allowing users to copy an iframe code and embed the content to other sites.


The WordPres GeoIP plugin detects the country where your visitors are coming from and lets you manage different post and page contents based on that detection through a complete set of shortcodes. Your visitors can also select their own country, or any other country, if they want to see those contents.


Was This Helpful is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get valuable feedback from your readers. While a positive feedback motivates to do better, a negative review helps to find what are the shortfalls of your blog and how you can improve your blog making it more useful for other visitors.

Casper – Free Theme


Casper is WordPress theme that been inspired by the Ghost blogging platform, The goal of this theme is to emulate the gorgeous theme but while taking advantage of all the features that is exclusive to the WordPress framework.

There are plenty of customisation options included in this Theme that is accessible through the WordPress theme customiser. The theme includes hooks to serve responsive images propriately and media queries to provide a fast and seamless experience from desktop to mobile.

Count Down – Free Theme


Count Down  is a Very simple & basic yet very beautifully designed theme. Countdown features standard code which allows you to easy editing.

The theme comes with options framework which allows easier setup and back-end functionality to customise the theme. The only thing you have to just do is to fill in the fields and you’re ready to rock n roll.

This theme can be used as Underconstruction Theme, Countdown Theme for an event or even a website launch, It can also be used as Donation pool Counter.

Sparkling – Free Theme


Sparkling is a super clean minimal & responsive WordPress theme that is suited for travel, health, business, finance, design, art, personal and any other creative websites and blogs. The Sparkling theme built using Bootstrap 3 so that makes it mobile and tablets friendly, the theme comes with full-screen slider, social icon integration, author bio, popular posts widget and improved category widget.

Sparkling incorporates uses the HTML5, CSS3 and is SEO friendly thanks to its clean structure and codebase. The theme contains dozens of Theme Options which allows you to change theme layout, colours, fonts, slider settings and much more.

Pisces – Free Theme


Pisces is a minimal, black & white WordPress magazine-style theme that you can express your thoughts in style. The theme incorporates smart custom background images and social footer links and this WordPress theme is responsive!


Storm is a clean magazine & blog WordPress theme that is best suited for blog or news/magazine websites. The theme features a widgetised homepage, which means you can build your homepage content by drag & drop modules into sections. Making this makes the theme very flexible.

The theme also comes with a lot of features like Mega menu, Video slider, Ajax load post, Review system, Post format, SEO ready.


Heroic is a highly creative & modern one-page/Multi-page WordPress theme that has been created specifically for startups, new apps, companies, agencies, or freelancers looking for a fresh and stylish design.

The theme comes complete with the latest responsive sliders, declarative on-scroll CSS3 Animations to capture your audience’s attention, a working AJAX contact form with a unique overlay effect, a pricing table and concise call to action sections to generate sign ups.


SouthCentral is a clean, modern and minimal One-Page parallax WordPress theme that is suited for corporate, agency, photography or general business.

The  SouthCentral Theme includes everything you need to build something exceptional. Regardless whats your skill level, with SouthCentral, your website will look unique and professional.

Design & Fonts Pieces

Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture


Cir•Cu•Lar Icons


Easter Vector Icon set PSD


Icon Pack – PSD, AI, SVG


Seaside Script – Free Font


Billy – Free Font


Nord – Free Font


Crop – Fonts from $25 each or Font Family $133


Ferry – Font $49


TwoFaced – Font $10


Essay – Font $10


Iconia – Free Icon Font


Awesome Kit – iOS7 Wireframes



40+ More HandPicked Goodies for Web Designers & Developers For April 2014