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As being in the web/graphic design industry we are constantly looking for all of those new resources, tools and applications that can help us increase our productivity & creative flow while we on either client or personal work.

This post extends from my earlier post of 50 New Handpicked Goodies For Web Designers & Developers For February 2014 as it features the most newest, creative & just plain old awesome resources in JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web, Mobile devices and a new plugin for Plugins for Photoshop plus I’ve also included some awesome items in HTML5 gaming framework, new CMS’ to some new CSS frameworks, Responsive Web Design plus some great WordPress Plugins & Themes.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



ProgressJS is a JavaScript & CSS3 library that help the developers to create and manage progress bar for every objects on the page. As you can design your own template for progress bar or customise it simply also you can use ProgressJs for showing the progress of loading contents such as Images, videos etc and on the page to the users. It could be used on all elements including textbox, textarea or even whole body. It is light-weight, easy to use, customizable, free and open-source.



Creditcard.js is an HTML/CSS/JS credit card form with an emphasis on usability.



Placeholdem is a JavaScript plugin that animates placeholder carets on inputs and textareas. The placeholder value will incrementally delete on focus, and easily restore on blur.

jQuery Notebook


jQuery-Notebook is a simple but very clean and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor that you can use for web applications

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications

Origam – Mac App – Free


Origami is a free toolkit from the Facebook design team for Quartz Composer that makes interactive design prototyping easy and doesn’t require programming. There are three requirements you need to have to use this toolkit first one is you need to be a registered as a Apple Developer, download and install Quartz Composer then you need to download and install Origami.

Infinit – Mac App – Free


Infinit is a fast, intuitive and unlimited file-sharing Mac app that was conceived for graphic designers. The app is free to be use and as it is a tool that will drastically simplify the way you interact with your collaborators and clients.

It’s being used by designers around the world as you can use it for any file, any size and any type with a simple design that allows you to pause and resume the downloading or uploading of files due to a lost of internet connection. Your files will be encrypted so only the sender and recipient will have access, this app is so simple you will as you will just drag, drop, type a name and hit the send button and your files will be sent. This app will soon be available for Windows & Linux users

Spendee – iOS & Android App – $1.99 for iOS/Free for Android


Spendee is an awesome new app for both iOS and Android as this app is for managing your personal finances on the go. It gives you the power of unique data analysis in an adaptable environment that automatically and thoroughly analyzes your income and expenses, giving you intelligent advice on how to make the most of your money.

SquareOne Mail – iOS App – Currently In Beta


SquareOne Mail organizes your inbox into a dashboard, presorts messages, and gives you control over which messages you get notified about.

Font Flipper – Web App – Free


Font Flipper is a simple little website/app that will let you know the fonts that has been installed on your computer better. Try typing to see different letters, compare paragraphs of text as well as each character, and invert colors.

Heap – Web App – Startup $Free/Growth $149/Enterprise $Contact Them


Heap is a modern take on analytics as there is no need for a event tracking code, no need to wait days or weeks for data to accumulate, no need to muddle your codebase, and no need to fumble with rigid reports as it automatically captures every interaction in your web or iOS app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, page views, and more. Track events and segment users instantly.

PNG Hat – Photoshop CS5+ Plugin – $39.99


PNG Hat is the newest Photoshop plugin from Source that helps you with exporting layers to files. You just select the layers then click export and you are ready to publish and PNG Hat instantly uploads exported assets and generates a code snippet ready to be pasted into your site or app.

CSS, HTML5, Frameworks & Responsive



Grid is a simple guide to responsive design. By following these simple steps, you can be on the path to responsive web design mastery. By just practicing and help make the web a better, more useable place.



Min is a small CSS framework written in LESS and Sass, compiled to CSS and only weighing in at less than a single kilobyte. It includes all the basics you’ll need for things like buttons and typography, and has support all the way back to IE5.5.

Titon Toolkit


Titon Toolkit is a collection of very powerful user interface components and utility classes for the responsive, mobile, and modern web. Each component represents encapsulated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript functionality for role specific page elements.



Pageres is a command-line tool for generating screenshots in different resolutions for websites. Pageres is focus on screensizes, you could script it to generate screenshots of responsive websites. The command-line options allow you to specify many dimensions at once.



Molecule is a HTML5 game framework has been built for enthusiast game developers in mind, with more than five years of experience on mobile gaming and more than ten on general game development.  Due the better compatibility of mobile browsers with actual html5 specifications and the natural evolution of the hardware inside them, html5 mobile gaming arise as a true possibility nowadays; that it’s given rise to Molecule, which borns from the idea of create a simple yet powerful framework to build html5 cross-platform games on an easy and efficient way.



Keyframer is an easy to use CSS3 animation creation tool that you will just need to click the timeline to add a keyframe, then click the circle button to add your animation’s CSS, or the X button to delete the current keyframe, and that’s pretty much it.



Wagtail is a free and open source Django content management system that was built originally for the Royal College of Art and focused on flexibility and user experience. Wagtail runs on a standard web server environment as you can run it on your own machine, in the cloud, or even a shared server. It uses resources sparingly, so you don’t need big, expensive servers.



Monstra is a fast, extensible, modern CMS that’s flexible and easy to use. It has Twitter Bootstrap built-in for the front-end framework, is multi-user friendly, and it’s database-free.



900dpi is a new hosted CMS that been built especially for web designers to make static websites editable by adding a CSS class and you can manage it all from right inside your own Dropbox folder.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Better Datelines – Free Plugin


Better Datelines is a lightweight plugin for better dateline management for news sites. With this plugin you can store dateline as a custom meta field instead of putting it in the post content.

WP Announce – Free Plugin


The WP Annouce is a clean announcement plugin that reveals a neat popup when users visit your site for the first time. You can set who sees the announcement and when to display it . You can also customise the look and feel among other things. WP Annouce makes use of all built in functions and hooks within WordPress this makes it light weight with little or no external dependencies. Does not create new tables or interfere with your WordPress database.

WP Review – Free Plugin


WP Review plugin from MyThemeShop  is an easy yet powerful way to review content easily. This is a good plugin for those who are a blogger as you probably occasionally review or rank products, services, tools, recipes, or other content on your site.

This plugin is a customizable and lightweight way to create reviews, using stars, percentage or point rating, and it includes support for translation, WPMU, Google snippets and unlimited colours.

Vertical Tab Slider – Free Plugin


Vertical Tab Slider is very attractive and cool looking tabbing slider plugin which gives a user to rotate their images and their defined description in slides with a great effect which are manageable using admin section.


This premium WordPress plugin adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. We’ve put a lot of time and care to ensure that all the elements are flexible so that they will open limitless possibilities for you, while maintaining simplicity at the core.


Bits allows you to easily post any markup to your site without losing its formatting and also can apply up to 43 modern theme to your markup. It can highlight post comments .it is highly customisable and has both global settings and per code settings .


The Awesome Map is a WordPress Plugin that you can use to display a fully customisable markers map on your website. You can embed it everywhere, in an article, in yours pages or in your sidebars thanks to a really simple shortcode.

Hemingway – Free Theme


Hemingway is a clean, beautiful and responsive two-column theme for bloggers. Features responsive design, retina-ready assets, full-width header image with parallax scrolling effect, custom widgets (video, Flickr and Dribbble), page templates and translation-ready code. Included translations: Swedish/svenska.

Progression – Free Theme


Progression is a cross-browser compatible, two-columns theme featuring animated image slider. It`s clean, simply and very powerful tool for organizing your blog.

WP Advocate – Free Theme


WP Advocate theme is a entirely corporate theme suitable for professional services businesses such as accountants and law firms. With this theme you can upload your own logo, choose one of the bundled background images or upload your own rich imagery to brand your site.

The dedicated home page template can also slide a range of brand images in the background, powered by a native WordPress gallery. The theme also comes bundled with an optional plugin to add a custom post type for staff profiles. Combined with the bespoke profile templates this makes it easy to profile the most important part of your business, the people.


The Podcaster is a clean, flexible and responsive WordPress Theme that supports native audio and video players as well as oEmbed. You can also manage your podcast or screencast with Podcaster, the styling is very versatile as you can choose between dark and light templates, choose a highlight color, the type of font or custom headers on the front page, blog page and any other custom page templates.


Border is a unique and easy-to-use photography WordPress theme built with the professional photographer and their needs as the main ‘focal point’. This theme comes with an intuitive designed interface, carefully crafted to ease the way to showcase your unforgettable photos.  Whether you shoot landscapes, people, food, or weddings, want to keep a journal with your vision and thoughts, present your bio and services.

This theme gets you covered!  In favor of a captivating visual experience, Border boasts lively and spirited page transitions in many unexpected yet perfectly natural ways, embodied in a minimal beautiful design language that allows the photos to take center stage.


Netstudio is a Responsive and Retina-Ready WordPress theme with a minimalist, simple, elegant and clean style, a strong focus on contents and readability. It presents a modern business solution. Netstudio is suitable for multipurpose websites such as business, company, portfolio or blog. It is superbly responsive adapting to any kinds of smart phones and mobile devices.

The code inside this theme is easy to modify and understand so you can personalize it in the easiest way. Netstudio is fully integrated with the visual composer and with the theme having an awesome page builder that lets you to create complex layouts of your pages and posts with simple drag-n-drop interface. You can create easily any page layout using extended Visual Composer and the theme flexible shortcodes.


Naba is very clean and minimal design WordPress theme is great for corporate site. This theme is based on Bootstrap 2.3.x Framework which makes it very easy to customise or upgrade with higher version of Bootstrap framework.

This theme is design with modern web trends, further most it works very well on smart devices like Iphone, Ipad, Android Devices. With 12 column 1170px grid layout the look of site are also best on wide screen or high resolution.

This theme also offer wide range of shortcodes to easily use on your pages. Clean comment code and very well structured PSD gives more comfort while establishing your own pages. For your easy use it offer 7 predefined color skins which you can use by changing a small snippet of code in head section.


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