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As being in the web/graphic design industry we are constantly looking for all of those new resources, tools and applications that can help us increase our productivity & creative flow while we on either client or personal work.

And today’s post extends from my earlier post of 50 New Handpicked Goodies For Web Designers & Developers For January 2014 as it features the most newest, creative & just plain old awesome resources in JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML/CSS, Responsive Web Design, to awesome WordPress Plugins & Themes.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Magnifier.js is a JavaScript library that enabled a magnifying glass effect on an images. As this library has function such as  zoom in / out functionality that use the mouse wheel.  When magnifying the image can be displayed in the lens itself or outside of it in a wrapper.

The Magnifier.js uses Event.js as a cross-browser event handling wrapper. It works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 7, 8, 9 & 10.



Gulp.js is a streaming build system that use a streams and code-over-configuration to make for a simpler and more intuitive build. By preferring code over configuration, Gulp keeps the simple things simple and makes complex tasks manageable.

By harnessing the power of node’s streams you can get fast builds that you don’t need to write intermediary files to disk. Gulp’s strict plugin guidelines assure plugins stay simple and work the way you expect. With a minimal API surface, you can pick up gulp in no time. Your build works just like you envision it: a series of streaming pipes.

Share Button


Share Button is a simple lightweight, flexible  and awesome share button jquery plugin that doesn’t load any iframes or extra javascript which can effect load time. This plugin  looks simple and clean by default, but can be customised in any and every way. It’s tiny and compact, expanding only when the user actually wants to share something.



countUp.js is small lightweight JavaScript “class” that lets you display animated counters for displaying numerical data in a more interesting way. It’s dependency-free and easy to use.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Apps

Duo – Mac App OSX 10.8 – $4.99


Duo is a dual-paned web browser built for Responsive Web Design that allows you to browse the web in two different views: the first one is your standard ‘desktop’ view as well as the typical ‘mobile’ view.

As it easier to see your site in these two views at the same time, you’re be able to quickly test and work through multiple screen experiences rather than considering them separately.  This apps is great for a designer or a developer, project manager or client as Duo gives you a new tool to make your Responsive Web Design project go more smoothly than ever.

Light Table – Mac/Windows/Linux 64 & 32 App – Free


Light Table is a new and  interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games, as it provides the real time feedback that we need to not only answer questions about our code, but also to understand how our programs really work.

Telegram Messenger – iOS/Android App – Free


Telegram is a free messaging app for iOS and Android that been built for speed and security. As this app is superfast, simple, secure and free. Being a secure messenger that you can switch to without having to say goodbye to any of your favorite features and you can create group chats with up to 100 people so you can stay connected with everyone at once.

You can even share videos up to 1GB, send multiple photos from the web, and forward any media you receive in an instant. All your messages are in the cloud, so you can easily access them from any of your devices.

Specifics – iOS App – Free


Specifics is an exciting innovative iOS app that will provide the solution for managing your busy schedule. As It combines Task Manager and Note Taker in one app.

When each task you add is just like adding a sheet of paper for handwritten notes.  Specifics has a clean and stylish interface for fast and simple adding and managing the tasks and everything is obvious and right in front of your eyes, so you will never miss any important thing that you need to do.

Cozy – Web App – Free


Cozy is a personal cloud that been designed to be hosted by yourself which you can hack to your heart’s content, and delete any time you want. It can be used for painless web development, with ready-to-go templates for your app, quick deployment, and more.

Lemon Stand Cloud – Web App – Basic $99pm / Pro $149 pm / Enterprise $499pm


If you loved LemonStand eCommerce you will certainly love the new cloud version of LemonStand as they have class themselves as being the only cloud eCommerce platform that been made for web developers.

As LemonStand give you tools to customise everything  from the design, the checkout process, the cart, product pages. friendly URL structure and every bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can put your hands on.

Iconizr – Web App – Free


Iconizr is a PHP command line tool for that will convert your SVG images into a set of CSS icons in (SVG & PNG, single icons and / or CSS sprites) with support for image optimisation and Sass output instead of CSS code.

CSS/HTML, Frameworks, Awesome Tools & Responsive



Bijou is a CSS framework that worth taking a look as it weighs in at only 2kb (minified and gzip). It has been checked and tested in the Firefox, Safari, Chrome.



Gitless is an experimental version control system built on top of Git. As many people had complain that Git is hard to use. So here is a solution, Gitless is an experiment to see what happens if you put a simple veneer on an app that changes the underlying concepts. As Gitless is implemented on top of Git (could be considered what Git pros call a ‘porcelain’ of Git), you can always fall back on Git and of course your coworkers you share a repo with need never know that you’re not a Git aficionado.



Hover.css is a collection of CSS3 powered hover effects that can be applied to call to actions, buttons, logos, featured images and so on. These can be easily apply any of  your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration.

All of these are available in CSS and SASS and all Hover.css effects can help make a single element (with the help of some pseudo-elements where necessary) more awesome. Hover.css are self contained so you can easily copy and paste them, and come in CSS and SASS flavours and many effects use CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms and animations, but sadly old browsers that don’t support these features may need some extra attention to be certain a fallback hover effect is still in place.



Sculpt is a lightweight mobile first responsive HTML, CSS and SASS framework. That been written to cater for devices with small screen sizes first and with more complexity being added through media queries as screen real-estate increases. There are three grid sizes (732px, 960px and 1140px) that been built in and active depending on your device’s screen size you can be sure your content will be well presented no matter the conditions.

With people who are still using IE 8 and no Javascript support you will see the mobile version of your website, and so there will always be a degree of usability ensured as IE 8 being the oldest browser that Sculpt supports.

Sculpt has been built from the ground up using SASS (.scss) and is at its most flexible and powerful when using the included .scss stylesheets and variables.



Typebase.css is a minimal, customisable typography stylesheet that has both LESS and Sass versions so it can easily be modified and merged into any modern web projects. Typebase.css provides all the necessary scaffolding for good typography without adding any aesthetics, as it has been built to be modified as projects evolve and grow, and plays nice with normalize.css.

Bootstrap for Sass


The Bootstrap-Sass is a Sass-based version of Bootstrap which is perfect for all of your Sass-powered applications and This can be installed with Rails, Compass, or be Sass-only.

Dev Docs


DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

Export PS to SVG Script


Once you have activated the Export PS to SVG Script script you can exports all vector layers named with “.svg” at the end of the layer name as SVG files, along with their shape and color attribute and that means no more slicing SVGs one by one.

Layrs Control Photoshop Extension


Layrs Control is a free Photoshop extension that is to help you to improve your workflow. This extension will allow you to change the name of your layer with the name editor, remove the unused layers effects, flatten all layer effects,  delete those empty layers and rasterize all smart objects

WordPress Plugins & Themes

WPJarvis – Free Plugin


Meet Jarvis, this plugin is your administration assistant as it will help put WordPress at your fingertips via a launchbar interface and all you have to do to start using it is hit the quick key “/”, type in your search (eg, “settings”) and select the page you’re looking for. as it is the fastest way to get from the dashboard to editing your anything on the admin side.

jQueryFacebookWallLight – Free Plugin


The JQueryFacebookWallWPLight  is a light version of jQueryFacebookWallWP  that will build a timeline or wall style post feed on your worpress website post or page with the Facebook account data of your choosing.

The jQueryFacebookWallWP has settings to show events, likes, photos, and albums. It also includes a Facebook style lightbox to browse photo galleries. And best of all, it has user interactions so photos, posts, and comments can be liked or commented on.

Please note that this plugin doesnt have the photos, albums, events and likes and limits the number of posts and comments you can retrieve from facebook to 5 but the paid for version of this plugin does have these features and

Upload Quota per User – Free Plugin


This plugin is great for those who are building or own sites that are more than single-user blogs, as this simple pluginwill  limits the amount of space that users can use on their account, except selected roles and capabilities. With this plugin you can also modify the maximum file upload size.


The Redaktor is an HTML editor WordPress plugin allows the WordPress users with who will have the proper permissions to update HTML on posts and pages, without hopping back and forth between the admin area and the front-end site.


With the Fancy News wordpress plguin you can create a news slider easily and you can add any type of post to it (except pages). As you can also select post by taxonomies and terms, and if you like to load the content of a RSS feed, that’s is also possible and also be able to add the shortcodes to a text widget.


The NW Carousel plugin will help you showcase your images/projects/article in a cool way, easy to configure and add to your website, the plugin comes with a variety of settings, appearance configuration and with it’s responsiveness your website visitors will enjoy your galleries also on their mobile devices.

Obscura – Free Theme


The Obscura theme is a clean, simple, classy two-column that will fit for any business website or photography portfolio. This photography WordPress theme is mobile friendly, so go ahead and share your website from your phone or tablet to your friends and clients! The theme also supports the popular NextGEN Gallery plugin to display and manage your online photo galleries.

Blogly Lite – Free Theme


Blogly is a responsive personal blog theme which is responsive and uses the theme customizer so you can change colors, upload a logo and background image. You can upgrade to a pro version which has more cutomization options, support and custom widgets for social media, dribbble, flickr and advertising

Fullby – Free Theme


The Fullby theme is a simple grid theme that been built with boostrap and font awesome. This theme features comprises of
a full screen responsive grid, a header that you can create a “featured” content by simply adding the tag “featured” to the post. Allowing you to show the most viewed posts in the sidebar, giving you gallery and video support and plenty more.


The Crossfit theme is designed exclusively with the Crossfit community in mind. With this theme you can display your important information such as WODs, coaches, programs and even sell apparel. Increase the visibility and usability of your site and get it up and running and customized quickly and easily so you can get back to lifting!


Flatible is a minimal but yet a creative single page wordpress theme that contains a full responsive layout, The Flatible theme is a perfect choice for small/personal websites such as portfolio, small company ,photography, blog, news etc.


Liquida is a clean, powerfull & multipurpose theme that can be used to build professional and modern websites. You can set your colors, change fonts, background patterns & the layouts in different pages.

This theme also comes with 5 default homepage, 6 blog layouts and 6 ready-make skins that you can combine and some great paid adds for included the LayerSlider ($15 value), Visual Composer ($25 value), and CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids settings ($55) which have saved $55 for you.


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