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Today’s post is for the web designers and developers who loves new web apps, frameworks, jQuery plugins, icons, productivity tools, responsive design resources. Many of the resources below that features in this post of are new & awesome that are free or very low cost and I’m sure that most of these are useful to a lot of designers and developers out there.

jQuery HTML5 Placeholder Plugin

The plugin adds cross-browser support for the HTML5 placeholder attribute functionality.

Prefix Free

-prefix-free lets you use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere. It works behind the scenes, adding the current browser’s prefix to any CSS code, only when it’s needed.  The target browser support is IE9+, Opera 10+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+ and Chrome.

The Responsinator

The Responsinator helps website makers quickly get an indication of how their responsive site will look on the most popular devices. It does not precisely replicate how it will look, for accurate testing always test on the real devices. All you need to do is to supply a URL

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an icon font designed specifically for use with Twitter Bootstrap. With 150+ icons in a single collection, Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions.


Centratissimo all centered auto-resizable layout with smooth scrolling features between the pages and auto-resize capabilities relative to the actual screen-size, so that it results always perfectly centered.


TOC is a jQuery plugin that will automatically generate a table of contents for your page. You can see an example of it on the left side of the page.


Codiqa is the premier prototyping and interface-building tool for jQuery Mobile. Codiqa lets you rapidly turn your mobile web or native app vision into reality.


iubenda allows you to generate a Privacy Policy for your website, to manage and keep it up to date.


This plugin allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Exactly like a curtain rises.

To navigate, you can use your keyboard instead the scrollbar or your mousewheel to navigate into the document. But that’s not all, there is more features! For example, you can easily add a fixed element or multiple “steps” element into a pannel.


MockVault lets you manage and present your designs, the way it should have been done all along.

jQuery Org Chart

jQuery OrgChart is a plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a easy-to-read tree structure. To build the tree all you need is to make a single line call to the plugin and supply the HTML element Id for a nested unordered list element that is representative of the data you’d like to display.

bgStretcher II

bgStretcher 2011 (Background Stretcher) is a jQuery plug-in which allows you to add a large image (or a set of images) to the background of your web page and will proportionally resize the image(s) to fill the entire window area. The plug-in will work as a slideshow if multiple images mode is used (the speed and duration for the slideshow is configurable). bgStretcher 2011 has tons of new features suggested by our users.


Wonderflux is a powerful, free WordPress theme framework. It allows you to rapidly create unique WordPress themes – and the best part… it’s free (and always will be!) Wonderflux is open source GPLv2 licensed code – just like WordPress, so you can use it on unlimited client, personal and commercial websites with no subscription or cost.


Hogan.js is a 2.5k JS templating engine developed at Twitter. Use it as a part of your asset packager to compile templates ahead of time or include it in your browser to handle dynamic templates.


Entypo is a set of 100+ carefully crafted pictograms available as an OpenType font, vector EPS and web font. All released for free under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA


Zoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making any web page element zoom.


Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. It’s the tie to go along with jQuery’s tux, and Backbone.js’s suspenders.


Socialico is a package of 74 social media icons, combined within a single wieght font and designed by Jelio Dimitrov a.k.a. Arsek.


Glisse.js is a simple, responsive and fully customizable jQuery photo viewer. You’ll like the transitions between two pictures entirely assumed by CSS3.


Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web. It will show, in real time, how that data creates a spider-web of interaction between companies and other trackers.


Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that helps you monitor and analyze data scattered across all your online services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, MailChimp, Amazon, Facebook, WordPress, Zendesk, Twitter and more from one single location in real-time. Stop wasting countless hours tracking your data from all over the web!


Manage all your social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, comment threads, and everywhere else from one dead-simple inbox, just like email.


SearchMeme is a jQuery plugin for on-demand search. It’s a small search button that can be placed anywhere on the website (you may want to put it in your website header). Clicking on search button expands it to show a text box where you can type your search terms.

Snip Save

SnipSave features a very easy-to-use interface where you can quickly create, edit and delete code snippets. It was designed and built for ease and speed of use. Create an account in less than a minute and access your code snippets from anywhere.

Warp Framework

Warp Framework is a fast framework which provides a rich tool set to develop cross-platform themes. You can create your theme easily, based on a well-engineered framework. It has a clearly arranged user interface focused on simplicity which integrates perfectly with Joomla and WordPress.


Pears is an open source WordPress theme that lets you create a pattern library quickly. Collect, test, and experiment with interface pattern pairings of CSS & HTML. You can get your own pattern library up and running quickly.

If I’ve missed something awesome that didn’t make the list and you think should have been included, please let everyone know in the comments.


26 New & Awesome Resources For Designers & Developers


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