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There are so many things to love about Sketch, but one of the most loved features is that it makes it very easy to create plugins, made possible by JSTalk, as that will extend its functionality even further, and the greatest thing is that the Sketch community is always growing and there seems to be a heaps of plugins that you can freely to download and use.

So if you’re an experienced Sketch user, then the chances are you already use or know about these plugins, but if you’re brand new to Sketch, and not quite sure where to start, then the plugins in this post will have you up and running in no time.

Today’s post I’ve collected what i think are 20 most wonderful and essential Sketch plugins that you can use in no time. so lets begin.

This probably is only good for new users of sketch, but before you start downloading any of these plugins, you will need to install Sketch Toolbox, as it’s the plugin manager for Sketch, the Sketch Toolbox makes it super-simple to find, automatically download and install any of the below plugins, and many, many more you find on your Sketch adventure.

1. Looper

looper for sketch

Looper is a sketch plugin that helps automate duplication of groups and layers. One can control properties like Rotate, Scale and Opacity while duplicating. This powerful combination enables artists and designers to create interesting geometric and organic patterns

2. Sketch Material

Sketch material is a sketch plugin that will help you generate complex material components like tables, chips, forms etc.

3. Logodrop

A Sketch Plugin to get brand logos right into Sketch App.

4. Sketch Data Studio

Sketch Data Studio is a plugin that dramatically simplifies the process of designing data visualizations in Sketch. Import numbers from a spreadsheet and generate various types of charts and tables based on real data.

5. Day Player

A Sketch Plugin for creating placeholder images from online services.

6. Sketch Iconfont

This plugin helps you easily insert and manage icons from icon fonts – such as FontAwesome, Ion or Material Design Icons – in your Sketch designs.

7. Pixel Perfecter

This is a very simple Sketch plugin that helps you find layers that have float (pixel imperfect) X, Y, width or height properties. It will help you keep your documents cleaner, and keep your design specs tight.

8. Style Inventory

This Sketch plugin will give you an overview of all of the styles you have used and allows you to merge similiar ones together.

9. Marvel

Marvel will allow you to quickly create prototypes from your designs by sending your Sketch artboards directly to

10. Lorem Ipsum Plugin

This is a plugin for quickly creating Lorem Ipsum text in Sketch

11. Sketch Palettes

This is a Sketch plugin for exporting and importing fill presets. It supports colors, gradients, and Pattern fills.

12. Chain

Create dynamic color relations in Sketch.

13. Sketch Cache Cleaner

Deletes hidden Sketch history files that can take a lot of space on your hard drive and that you would probably never use.

14. Sketch Artboard Manager

This plugin automatically arranges the position of all Artboards in your Sketch document, to snap them to rows & columns.

15. Swap Styles

A little plugin for swapping styles between two layers in Sketch.

16. Financial Chart tool for Sketch

Financal Chart tool for Sketch, a good UX designer should always design pages with real data, this was really painful when your work involve a lot of charts, you need to see the actual charts in your design to adjust color, gap or such, but drawing a candlestick or a real-looking line chart manually is real waste of time, so here comes the rescue.

17. Confetti

Generate gorgeous confetti patterns in 1 click.

18. Sketch Measure

Make it a fun to create spec for developers and teammates! Automatically generating html page with one click, inspect all the design details including CSS Styles on it offline.

19. Stark

The color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch. Design with accessibility in mind.

20. Slinky

Slinky is a powerful plugin that allows you to export your Sketch designs as HTML email templates.


20 Wonderful & Essential Sketch Plugins