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As web developers and web designers, we constantly looking at the sheer amount of new resources, tools and applications that we can tap into increases exponentially with time.

Here is just a quick look at some recently created resources that deserve your attention — everything from new CSS and HTML Tools to some great jQuery plugins including some awesome applications that can help you with monitoring yours and your clients websites, email management and some well designed user interface elements & icons. But I’ve haven’t forgot about those who love wordpress as I’ve found some great WordPress plugins too!

JavaScript & jQuery


For front-end developers who crave maintainable assets, Jam is a package manager for JavaScript. Unlike other repositories, Jam puts the browser first.


Repo.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily embed a Github repo onto your site. This is great for other plugin or library authors that want to showcase the contents of a repo on their project pages.

Repo.js uses Markus Ekwall‘s jQuery Vangogh plugin for styling of file contents. Vangogh, subsequently, utilizes highlight.js, written by Ivan Sagalaev for syntax highlighting.


Rivets.js is a declarative data binding facility that plays well with existing frameworks such as Backbone.js, Spine.js and Stapes.js. It aims to be lightweight (1.4KB minified and gzipped), extensible, and configurable to work with any event-driven model.

Evo Slider

Evo Slider is a jQuery slider with slideshow, unlimited layout, CSS skinning and much more features. Saves development time – Powerful features – Simple implementation – Fully customizable.

Web & Desktop Applications

Postmark Apps

Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapps with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. Pricing starts out at $1.50 per thousand emails

Layer Vault

LayerVault is a home for your design work. Unlimited storage, simple version control, team collaboration, and much more. Pricing starts at $19 per month


With Colllor it is much easier to generate a consistent web color palette with just a few clicks. You should use colors consistently, so you have a common look and feel throughout your design.

All the alternative proposals produced by Colllor derive from the same color and they all have a common denominator sharing hue, lightness or saturation values.

This tool will let you find the exact value of darker shades of any color, not just something that ‘looks darker’. That will be a huge step towards professionally looking design.

Erlywarn – Site Monitoring

Erlywarn is an early warning system for your website. Add your url and Erlywarn will regulary check in to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly.  If Erlywarn detects something that looks wrong – like the connection to your site or your site is running more slowly than usual; Erlywarn will notify you to let you straight away. With Erlywarn you can act fast, hopefully even before your customers notice.


DoneDone is the simple, effective issue tracker.  If your team is using spreadsheets, sticky notes, and email to keep track of bugs, ideas, and requests, then start using DoneDone. Your clients will understand it and your programming team will thank you for it. Plans start at $15 per a month

Fruji is a pretty simple product. We analyze your followers, going through all the details we can gather and compile all the data into a couple of simple reports. Find out if any VIP (verified) accounts are following you, who your most popular followers are and much, much more.

Fruji do not tamper with your account in any way and only require read privileges (which you can always remove at any time through your Twitter account). A lot of services might ask for write permission or more, we recommend to avoid using these products.

CSS, HTML, Frameworks & Prototyping


Siimpler is a simple HTML starting framework. This framework contains only the files and folders what you really need to start a web project. For better use you should configure the download file by clicking the button.


Kartograph is a new framework for building interactive map applications without Google Maps or any other mapping service. It was created with the needs of designers and data journalists in mind.

On/Off Flipswitch

On/Off FlipSwitch generates a pure CSS3 On/Off flipswitches with animated transitions.

Backbone UI

This framework is written to embrace the DOM rather than fight it. You won’t see any messy HTML templates or innerHTML references hanging around. What you will see is heavy use of the Laconic library to help ease the pain of DOM manipluation so we can happily stay in the context of writing JavaScript.


Dummy is a toolkit designed to make the development, testing and presentation of web prototypes less time consuming and more realistic. It does so by helping you populate your work with content and by randomizing key aspects of it’s layout, in a way, simulating connectivity to a live database, and making it possible to visualize, test and present something much closer to the outcome of a finished project.

Icons & UI

Leather Mac App UI

Inspired by Apple’s Reminders app, this kit uses a sleek black leather effect throughout. And includes all common interface elements, as well as a mock-up file browser view (as seen in the preview images). Download this UI from MediaLoot and enjoy!

110 Vector Social Media Icons

This 110 vector social media icons is a clean vector icons pack of the most popular and beautiful free social media icons.   The vector social media icons set is focused on clean design and items including blogging platforms, video sharing, bookmarking, social news, design and other social networks and more to ease creating such interfaces.

The Movie Icon Set

WordPress Plugins


Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin that dramatically speeds up your custom theme creation.


A plugin that lets you quickly and easily create new plugins.  Install, activate, and then go to the Plugins->Create a New Plugin menu to create and activate a new blank plugin, live, on your site.  After the plugin is created, you’ll be taken directly to the Plugin Editor screen, to type or paste in your new plugin’s code.y customizable.

Wysija Newsletters

Send your post notifications or newsletters from WordPress easily, and beautifully. Drag and drop your posts, images, social icons in our visual editor. Pick one of 20 themes. Change fonts and colors on the fly. Send the latest posts when you want or as a single newsletter. Configuration is dummy proof. This baby is fully supported.

EmbedPlus: YouTube for WordPress


Enhance the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress blog using EmbedPlus. It not only provides the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, and video reactions from communities like Google+ and Reddit. Use it to automatically enhance the viewer experience and engagement around the YouTube videos you embed, for free.


Soliloquy is a powerful WordPress image slider plugin that makes creating and maintaining responsive, efficient, secure and SEO friendly sliders a breeze.  From user interface to security to responsiveness and beyond, Soliloquy crushes the competition.

And last but not least you’ll find one book about WordPress Security

Locking Down WordPress

In Locking Down WordPress, seasoned WordPress pros Rachel Baker, Brad Williams, and John Ford take you through everything you need to know to make sure you have WordPress security under control.


20 + New Resources, Tools, WordPress Plugins & Apps For Web Developers & Designers


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