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We coming close to the end of September and it been a busy month for the industry as see hundreds of designs and today post we look at the 20 web designs that standout from the rest for their original design concept to the quality of the production and the use of popular web trends.

1. Tinke

2. Gather Content

3. Fueld Films

4. Playground Inc

5. Bad Racket Recording

6. Roundhouse

7. Amir Khan

8. Bislr

9. SuperEight Studio

10. Symphony

11. Neil Judges

12. Band Of Bridges

13. Spell Tower

14. National LGBT Museum

15. Impress A Penguin

16. O3

17. Bryan Connor

18. Rule Of Three

19. Emma

20. Work & Turn


20 Most Outstanding Web Designs from September 2012


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