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As you’ve already seen that single page web designs are a great way to put all the content up front and center but this only happens when the site is properly designed as the it increase the changes of it being seen by the visitor. From the trends of scrolling effects that engage the user, to a simple and clean ideas that focus on type and images.

There are many different approaches for using this concept but still many new design styles has come up and so for today’s I’ve collected 20 extremely well executed single page websites that can inspire you to create your own.

1. The 10 Plagues

The 10 Plagues

2. Daryl Brunsden

Daryl Brunsden

3. Daryl Thornnhill – Made By Daryl

Daryl Thornnhill - Made By Daryl

4. Trionn Design

trionn design

5. Brio


6. Arnaud Saunier

arnaud saunier

7. Chilicongraphics


8. We Make Killer Websites

we make killer website

9. Nitro Grafix


10. Brognoli Incorporadora

Brognoli Incorporadora

11. Redel Bautista

Redel Bautista

12. Alpina – Life is Vertical

Alpina - Life is Vertical

13. Dear Mum


14. Dayrise


15. Tequlla!


16. State of the Business Owner

State of the Business Owner

17. Heritage Chickens

Heritage Chickens

18. MadGO


19. Carles Palacio Photography

Carles Palacio Photography

20. Applove



20 Brand New Single Page Web Designs to Inspire You