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There are countless things to love about Sketch, but one of its most loved features is that it makes it super-easy to create plugins that can extend its functionality even further. And the great thing is that the ever-growing Sketch community is packed full of plugins that you can use.

If you’re an experienced Sketch user, then the chances are you already use or know about these plugins, but if you’re new to Sketch than this post can help you up and running. Today’s post features 15 sketch plugins.

1. IconDrop

This Sketch plugin displays icon sets and allows you to easily add them to your designs from the preview panel. Iconscout offers an extensive library of 300K+ icon designs from hundreds of designers.

2. Map Generator 2.0

Design beautiful map interfaces, mobile applications and more in less time with Map Generator 2.0. Now powered by Google and Mapbox. Map Generator 2.0 has been build from scratch and the developers introduced a new map provider (Mapbox) and a few other enhancements to boost your creation process.

3. Alembic

A Sketch plugin to extract a color palette from any layer that contains bitmap data. This works for both images and layers with a Pattern fill. Alembic uses Color Thief to extract a representative color palette.

4. Move to Library

With this plugin you can now move symbol from your project to any library and re-attach all the symbol instances to this library. also it keep the overrides without any problems and it work with abstract that have libraries not in your local machine.

5. Sketch Isometric

Sketch Isometric Plugin is a tool for Sketch that allows designers to generate beautiful mockups that stand out, literally.

6. Nudged

A Sketch plugin to easily edit your nudge distance settings.

7. Sketch2AE

Editable After Effects layers from Sketch artboards

8. Chart

Chart is a Sketch plugin and uses real or random data to create the most popular charts. Chart supports copy-paste from text editors like: Notes, Word, Google Docs, etc, and copy-paste tabulated data from Google Sheets.

9. Font Buddy

Install missing fonts directly from Sketch.

10. Gifme

With the sketch plugin you can play gifs and videos inside sketch app while you’re designing.

11. Sketch Cleaner

Sketch plugin that helps you get your design files as clean as a whistle.

12. Chain

Create dynamic color relations in Sketch.

13. Slinky

Slinky is a Sketch plugin that allows you to export Sketch files as ready–to–send HTML e-mail templates. Select an artboard and export it as HTML template.

14. Paddy

Automated padding, spacing and alignment for your Sketch layers

15. Sketch Material

Sketch material is a sketch plugin that will help you generate complex material components like tables, chips, forms etc.


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