This article was published 10 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

So what is Ghost, Ghost is a fantastic open source blogging framework for any designers or developers that wanting to deliver high quality content for the user and for a blogging framework that has been launched late last year but this platform has already gain a huge following even before the public launch and many people has said this is the first  blogging frame that can be a rival to WordPress.

So if you are a Ghost Lover this post is just for you as today I’ve rounded up a nice collection of 15 Premium Themes for new & old Ghost lovers



Stretch is a finely crafted theme for Ghost which is a Open source blogging platform, this theme comes along with a full screen cover image that will introduce your blog to the world in style the theme also offers featured image and video support.



City Hunt is a flat responsive Ghst theme created for people who enjoy writing about their trips. The City Hunt theme will works on all modern browsers and allows you to have featured images, videos or maps of place you’ve been visiting. City Hunt is easy to use and is focused mainly on typography.



Gravity is clean, fluid and responsive Ghost theme that can makes your blog site look great no matter on what kind of devices or screen resolutions it’s being viewed. Whether your visitors access your site through any devices, its content will always be delivered with ultimate focus without too much distractions.



Zenzero is a multipurpose theme for Ghost, this theme can fit perfect for photography, video or music blogs as this theme comes in 5 differents colour schemes and has built-in features like post filtering by tag, grid and list visualization, Disqus comments and several CSS3 ready-to-use animations.



Nuevo is an elegant and clean theme for Ghost which focused mainly on the content and the theme been design to be responsive so it can look great on all kind of screen resolution.



Plattan is the next responsive Ghost theme from theme makers Northemes. The Plattan theme is a flat, simple and elegant and makes your content get all the attention it deserves.



Chimera Ghost Theme is perfect for bloggers as the theme has a fixed author bio on the sidebar which always display your personal bio or description you put in on Ghost admin and as well as being a theme that is responsive and retina support, this theme uses Entypo icons for a clearer, crispier looking icons.



Olymp2014 is a content focused responsive theme for the Ghost blogging platform in modern Metro style. It makes your blog site look great on all devices or screen resolutions. The Olymp2014 theme has only got 2 additional color schemes which would be great for news, personal and companies posts and articles. Supports the latest features added in the latest Ghost 0.4.0 release and includes compatibility support for future versions.



Exotique is a minimal responsive portfolio/blog theme that been designed for Ghost and been developed from the ground up to give a fast and snappy experience to users. This theme been built to targeted at owners who have a lot of photography or are looking for a very visual blog/portfolio.



Authadox is a beautiful, elegant and responsive Ghost theme that turns your pictures in to an entire portfolio showcase. This theme accompanies people whom wish to put their digital art out on the front-end. You can strictly upload your work, or simply write a blog post—without a single image.



Hoar is a modern, clean and fully responsive theme for powerful Ghost blogging platform. The theme makes your blog site look great on all devices or screen resolutions as the theme maker has picked colours scheme and font comfortable to the eye. This theme has a content focused design and will perfect for any personal or company Ghost blog.

12. Aireal – $18


Aireal is a minimal responsive blog theme for Ghost as it been designed and developed from the ground up to give a fast and snappy experience to users.  This theme is unique as it contains an overview of the latest posts at each post, so you can be sure to drive visitors to your other posts and with the recent posts automatically update when you create a new post.



Huckleberry is a minimalist, AJAX-driven Ghost theme designed for writers who want their content to take front and center.

14. SuperB – $18


SuperB is a simple, clean and modern responsive theme for powerful Ghost blogging platform. This theme will make your blog site look great on all devices or screen resolutions.

15. Mantanization – $18


Mantanization is a minmal responsive Ghost theme that comes in many variations skin colours, patterns, and colours of the header and also have a widget that can be customised. This theme fits perfectly for Blogger, Photographer, Writer, or everyone use Ghost Platform and love Responsive Design.


15 Premium Themes For New & Old Ghost Lovers