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One of the best things about jQuery is it is a fast JavaScript library that is widely in web development as it gives great functionality to do more with less code and thanks to the jQuery community we see that we are finding more impressive and completely free jQuery plugins that help us do more for less.

So for Today’s you will find 15 new hand picked and impressive jQuery plugins that been developed and launched during the month or so.

1. jResponsive


JResponsive will organize your content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will arrange its children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space, by “packing” them in tightly.

2. Power Tip


PowerTip features a very flexible design that is easy to customize, gives you a number of different ways to use the tool tips, has APIs for developers, and supports adding complex data to tool tips. It is being actively developed and maintained, and provides a very fluid user experience.

3. iCheck


iCheck is a jQuery plugin for checkboxes and radio buttons custom styling. This plugin works by wrapping each input with a div, which you may customise yourself or use one of the available skins. You may also place inside that div some HTML code or text using insert option.

4. sDashboard


sDashboard is a jQuery plugin that converts an array of objects into a dashboard. Each object in the array would be rendered as a dashboard widget that can be rearranged by dragging around.

sDashboards has built-in support for rendering datatable’s and flotr2 charts. It also has support to listen for events such as table row click, chart data click and data selection built-in.

5. YouMax


Youmax plugin will display your channel uploads, playlists and a featured playlist that you may choose. Users can browse through your playlists and uploads and watch videos they like. Introducing Youmax 1.0

6. ShapeShift


Shapeshift is a plugin which will dynamically arrange a collection of elements into a grid in their parent container.

7. Pick a Date


The Pick a date jQuery plugin is a mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date selector that also includes multi-language support

8. Fraction Slider

fraction slider

FractionSlider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate multiple elements per slide. You can set different animation methods like fade or transitions from a certain direction. Also there are options to specify delays and easing for each element. You have full layout and design control through HTML and CSS (every html-element can be animated).

9. Wait for Element

Wait for Element

A jQuery plugin that resolves a jQuery Deferred Promise if an element is found by ID before a threshold time limit

10. Cloudinary


Cloudinary plugin allows web applications to manage web resources in the cloud leveraging cloud-solutions. Cloudinary offers a solution to the entire asset management workflow, from upload to transformations, optimizations, storage and delivery.

11. Web Services JS

Web Services JS

Web Services JS is a  jQuery plugin that help you to test your web services in easy and fast way.

12. jQuery RS Carousel

jQuery RS Carousel

jQuery RS Carousel is a responsive and touch-enabled carousel written on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI Widget Factory providing a full and familiar API in less than 2.6kB minified and gzipped

13. jCanvas


jCanvas is a jQuery plugin that makes the HTML5 canvas easy to work with.

14. jQuery Nested


Nested is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create multi-column, dynamic grid layouts. Unlike other libraries and jQuery plugins similar to Nested, this is (as far as the plugin developer knows) the first script out there that allows you a complete gap-free layout.

As Nested does three things. It creates a matrix of all elements and creates a multi column grid, similar to other libraries and scripts out there. Then it scans the matrix for gaps and tries to fill them by reordering the elements.

15. Hook.js


Hook-js is a jQuery plugin for that neat little “pull to refresh” that features on our devices for the web.


15 New Hand Picked & Impressive jQuery Plugins