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Ghost is a blogging CMS placing simplicity above all else. It’s one of the easiest platforms to install and learn.

It certainly doesn’t have as large of a community as WordPress so theme selection is limited. But Ghost is gaining popularity, as publishers such as NASA and Bitcoin are using it to power their websites.

Thankfully there’s a big open source community around Ghost. So today, I’ve rounded up 15 great themes for Ghost so you can get started in no time.

1. Attila

Attila is a minimalist blogging theme for Ghost. The theme is perfect for building a responsive blog to share your personal ideas and thoughts. This theme may be a free theme, but it even comes with support for Disqus comments and sharing buttons.

2. Saga

Saga is a professional theme that features a design similar to Pinterest. Which makes it easy for building a blog or a portfolio for photographers. It also comes with stylish transition animations and an image lightbox feature.

3. The Shell

The Shell is a professionally designed blogging theme for Ghost that’s free. The dark colour scheme and the programming style font makes this theme perfect for coders who are wanting to start blogging.

4. Hoia

A theme aimed at the ones passionate about traveling. Minimalistic but spiced up with smooth effects, it should satisfy even the pickiest of the bunch. Hoia is  a part of Haunted Themes Yearly Subscription.

Price: $34.99

5. Forma

Forma is a bold, minimal Ghost theme that empowers you to easily create visually powerful content. This theme was created without any noise and clutter. With clean design, bold typography and expressive web elements you can offer your visitors a truly memorable browsing experience. Be unique, be bold, be brave.

Price: $19.00

6. Composer

Composer is a modern theme designed to make publishing efficient and consistent. Content is displayed in a sophisticated, elegant and world-class manner.

The theme is clean, unique, well-designed and highly-customizable, it’s packed with optimizations and features specially made to bring more to the readers.

Price: $29.00

7. Josie

Josie is a modern, fresh and elegant theme, specially built for blogs, magazines and news. It supports RSS subscription and subscription to email lists default Ghost.

It supports templates: author, post, tag, pages, custom styles for quotes, great covers, navigation adapting to scroll to better experience and more.

Price: $19.00

8. Verb

Verb is a modern, responsive Ghost theme featuring big, bold typography and cover images. It fits perfectly with personal blogs and modern online magazines allowing writers to publish their content in a beautiful focused environment.

Price: $24.00

9. Bold

Bold is created to provide a great experience with a responsive, minimal design, and a beautiful layout to maximize the beauty of Ghost and take it the next level, and you will truly love it. The theme comes with a new way to load posts with AJAX load more button, this makes life easier for you and your audience to instantly load your next posts without leaving the page.

Price: $39.00

10. Pitcher

With Pitcher, you can independently set post-cover, make it work just like thumbnail that’s uniquely positioned to handle any image. Whether you’re running a startup, creative agency, or even a personal blog who need a blog to kickstart your project or for pull marketing, Pitcher will fit perfectly.

Price: $39.00

11. Marcia

Marcia is a well-structured, content-focused and easy to set up responsive Ghost theme with a bold design. To make your content look outstanding Marcia provides big cover images for posts, tags and author pages, custom styles for quotes (standard, left aligned, right aligned) and image alignment (standard, wide, left aligned, right aligned).

Price: $29.00

12. Quarterback

Like the iconic Manhattan building, Quarterback is unconventional. It features gradient background, fixed-to-scroll sidebar, image cover that adapts to its content, and optional infinite scroll with easy set up. Its magazine look gives your readers a streamlined yet immersive browsing experience on a clean and dynamic layout.

Price: $39.00

13. eTube

eTube is a ghost theme for vloggers, affiliate marketer, YouTuber and passionate blogger. It’s suitable for news-magazine websites. This template is designed for best user experience, modern design ideas and with the latest technology. The theme used YouTube and ghost API to make the template automated and hassle-free.

You can also do regular posts from etube in addition to videos. There are many features in the backend. So, can totally maintain the blog easily yourself. You can be your own admin in eTube.

Price: $39.00

14. Namro

Namro is a clean and minimal Ghost blog theme, which is ready to meet the needs of bloggers, designers and photographers. And also with a responsive design that can be fits on any mobile devices.

Price: $34.00

15. NewsX

NewsX is very clean newspaper style focused theme for ghost blogging platform. It can be used of any kind of news site, magazine, viral blog or any other personal websites.

Price: $39.00


15 Elegantly Designed Ghost Themes