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There are many things to love about Sketch, not only it’s becoming one of the most favourite UI design tool of choice but also of its most loved features is that it makes it super-easy to create plugins, so here today is a short list of the most recent Sketch plugins that I could find, all just for you.

This roundup is all the about showcasing the newest plugins that you can extend the functionality of Sketch.

Check out the links below and grab them all for free!

1. Artboards Titles

Artboards Titles creates a new artboard behind a set of selected artboards and then automatically creates a text label above each that matches the artboard name.

2. Cleanup Useless Groups

This plugin, cleans up your layer list by removing empty groups and flattening deeply nested groups.

3. Sketch Split Shape


A Sketch Plugin that divides a rectangle into a specified number of divisions equally.

4. Gridly


Gridy Sketch plugin allows you to create horizontal and vertical guidelines of your selected layers fast.

5. PDF Export

PDF Export is a Sketch Plugin to export artboards to a PDF document.

6. Flipsize

FlipSize is a small Sketch plugin which swaps the width and height of an artboard, layer or shape.

7. Slinky

Slinky is a Sketch plugin that allows you to export Sketch artboards as ready–to–send HTML e-mail templates.

8. Batch Create Symbols

When you have a bunch of layers that need to be converted to symbols you have to select them one by one and use the ‘Convert to Symbol’ function. Multiple selections will be merged into one symbol.

This plug-in will create a symbol for every item that is currently selected. This is really handy when you need to convert a bunch of layers to symbols

9. Looper

Looper is a sketch plugin that helps automate duplication of groups and layers. One can control properties like Rotate, Scale and Opacity while duplicating. This powerful combination enables artists and designers to create interesting geometric and organic patterns.

10. Picnic

Picnic is basically Sketch with Friends. Share a single Sketch file and see who’s working on what when.Use a local drive, or sync it to the cloud — all you need is a shared project directory. Share symbols, colors, and styles with your team. They’re always up-to-date and always in sync.

Note: It’s currently in private alpha but sign up with your email so you will get notified when it’s ready.

11. Brand Ai is continuing to enhance its tools for design handoff and collaboration of Sketch designs.“Version Controlled Design Collaboration Workflow.

It enables designers to collaborate on designs in Sketch, keep a version history for each artboard, comment on designs and gather feedback from team members throughout the design process.

12. Sketch Maps

Sketch Maps is a plugin that uses the Mapbox API to fill layers with specific and custom maps.

13. Egmont Plugin

Sketch plugin for create squircle shapes.

14. PS Guide

Quickly generate Guides for a selected element. It is tedious to create guides for a layer using sketch’s default layout setting, so this my attempt to ease that effort.

15. Cloudstitch Sketch Plugin

The Cloudstitch Sketch Plugin is an open source extention of the Sketch Data Populator that lets you also use Google Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel data in your Sketch designs.


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