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Photoshop is an amazing and powerful design software that is capable of producing beautiful and unique artwork, but it’s always nice to add a few extras to help save your time or process your work quicker, today’s post is a round up of some the best and must have Photoshop Actions, Scripts & Plugins that can help to speed up your workflow, your daily tasks and to extend your investment in this software.

1. Skeuomorphism It


Skeuomorphism It is a small, fun and a powerfull little Photoshop plugin can magically turns your all of your outdated skeuomorphic design into beautiful flat designs.

2. Retinize It


Retinize It is a set of 2 free Photoshop actions where one of the action will slices the selected layer (or group) and while the other action will be used to slicing and scale the layer (or group) by 200%.  These actions are a time-saver for anyone that regularly creates designs for websites in Photoshop.

3. FlatIcon – Photoshop Plugin

The Flaticon is a website that will allow us to search for icons quickly and it is pretty handy as there are icon sets that been created Freepik as well icons that been made by other designers but switching from the Flaticon website & Photoshop can sometime be a pain but now Flaticon been smart by giving us a free Photoshop extension that makes searching simpler, right inside Photoshop.

4. Quick Zoom


Quick Zoom is a tiny Photoshop Panel that helps you to zoom your canvas in and out with just a button click.

5. Long Shadow Generator


Long Shadows Generator is probably the best and free solution Photoshop that allow you to create long shadow simply with one click.

6. Layrs Control


Layrs Control is a free Photoshop extension that is to help you to improve your workflow. This extension will allow you to change the name of your layer with the name editor, remove the unused layers effects, flatten all layer effects,  delete those empty layers and rasterize all smart objects

7. PS Browser UI Action


PSD Browser UI is a action to speed up presenting work by chucking a minimal flat browser UI on to your work.

8. CSS Hat


CSS Hat is a Photoshop plugin,that will give you CSS code for your layer styles.  You can simply  click a layer and see it’s CSS and if you are happy with it you can then just copy it into clipboard, and paste it into your favorite editor and you are ready to go!

9. 28 Best Free Photoshop Plugins

28 Best Free Photoshop Plugins

10. Export PS to SVG Script


Export PS to SVG is a handy script for SVG & Photoshop fans as this script automates the exporting of Photoshop layers to SVG.

11. Perspective Mockups – $12.00


Perspective Mockups is a set of Photoshop actions that wil that turns your flat mobile designs into unique perspective mockups.

12. Enigma64 – $29.99


Enigma64 is an awesome image exporter Photoshop plugin that allows you to produces lossless images (up to 80% optimisation) in a simple to use UI.

13. Social Kit


Social Kit is a free Photoshop plugin that will give you customisable templates for Facebook, Google and Twitter, these template contains the cover images, profile pictures, ad banners and more in a free up-to-date Photoshop plugin.

14. Subtle Patterns Photoshop Plugin – $11.99


With the Subtle Patterns Photoshop plugin you can search through the entire Suble Patterns library that is available on the web directly from your Photoshop and apply it to your design in one click!

15. Renamy – $9.99


Renamy is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to rename multiple layers at any one time.


15 Best & Must Have Photoshop Actions, Scripts & Plugins


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