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jQuery plugins are a very useful for web designers and developers as they can save a lot of time when producing any web or mobile app projects and as the jQuery community is fantastic and we seen that they are consistently releasing a number of highest quality jQuery plugins.

So for today’s post you will find 15 Awesome jQuery Plugins for all you web designers and web developers.

1. Bootstro.js


Bootstro-js is a tiny JS library taking advantage of bootstrap’s popover to help guide your users around.

2. Social Share Privacy

Social Share Privacy

Social Share Privacy is a jQuery plugin that lets you add social share buttons to your website that don’t allow the social sites to track your users. The buttons are first disabled and a user needs to click them to enable them. So in order to e.g. like a site on facebook with these social share buttons a user needs to click two times.

But in return for this extra click a user can only be tracked be this third party sites when he decides to enable the buttons. Using the settings menu a user can also permanently enable a social share button.

3. Single.js


SingleJS is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create websites with single-page scroll.

4. Social Feed


Social Feed is a jQuery plugin which shows a user feed from the most popular social networks.

5. Selecter


Replace those boring default select elements with something a little nicer. Selecter also integrates with Scroller, giving you complete control of your project’s UI. Oh, and they play nice with that shiny new responsive layout

6. Justified Gallery

Justified Gallery

This is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create an high quality justified gallery of images. A common problem, for people who create sites, is to create an elegant image gallery that manages the various sizes of images. Flickr and Google+ manage this situation in an excellent way, the purpose of this plugin is to give you the power of this solutions, with a new fast algorithm.

7. jQuery Selectify

jQuery Selectify

The Selectify plugin turns the select element into a stylable and customizable element. The element can receive focus and blur. When focussed, all key strokes for selecting elements will work including browsing by pressing the up and down keys. The select element will be hidden and every selected item is set as selected in the select element.

8. Dylay


DyLay is a jQuery plugin which allows to create dynamic layout very easily.  Dylay is responsive and is tested in Safari, Firefox 1.5+ , Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+ and Chrome.

9. Tablesorter


Tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.  This forked version adds lots of new enhancements including: alphanumeric sorting, pager callback functons, multiple widgets providing column styling, ui theme application, sticky headers, column filters and resizer, as well as extended documentation with a lot more demos.

10. Tabbed Content


jQuery TabbedContent is a lightweight tabs plugin that uses the HTML5 history API to add your tab navigation to your browser’s history.

11. Stalactite


A jquery plugin that slowly and lazily packs the contents of an element. Unlike most packing libraries that try to do all the math and sorting up front, stalactite takes a lazy approach and sorts each child element sequentially. This can add a sense of curation as it makes your viewer aware of the browser’s decisions.

12. JTWT.js


jtwt.js is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to display your recent tweets on your website or elsewhere.

13. Superbox


SuperBox is a new jQuery plugin that takes the whole ‘image’ and ‘lightbox’ one step further, reducing the JavaScript and image load dependence to make lightboxing a thing of the past! Using HTML5 data-* attributes, responsive layouts and jQuery.  SuperBox works wonders as a static image gallery, which you can click to reveal a full version of the image.

14. Unslider


Unslider is a lightweight jQuery slider plugin that just slides content without fancy effect and unnecessary markup. It’s fluid, flexible and minimal.

15. Grid ‘Em


This is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to evenly apply horizontal spacing on a list of items across multiple rows on a page.


15 Awesome jQuery Plugins for Web Designers & Developers