This article was published 13 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

HTML5 brings in clear improvement to the web today and the W3C specifically stresses that HTML5 is still in the testing stages and it is scheduled to reach the “release stage” in 2014 but despite this many developers have taken the advantage of HTML5.  HTML5 brings new features for web designer should be excited over.

Firstly HTML5 brings new media features and elements such as audio, canvas, video making it easier to integrate media components into websites without using proprietary software sun as Flash or JavaScript. Today you will see 12 html5 powered websites which are live out on the net.

1. Wired Mind

2. Nike Better World

3. Ben The Bodyguard

4. Analog

5. AX Visual Design Studio

6. Bebopweb

7. Facecard App

8. Kev Adamson

9. nGen Works

10. Parliament

11. Pumpkin King

12. Rainy Pixels


12 HTML5 Powered Websites