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Today’s I will be featuring 12 Great Examples of Flat Web Design but you may wonder what is actually  “Flat Web Design?”, Well it just means designing without the  gradients, pixel perfect shadows and skeuomorphism that’s been trending of quite a while.

With many site getting re-designed and new websites employing the flat design technique, the trend is appearing almost everywhere, both on websites and within app design. This technique has been made even more popular with the releases of Windows 8 and the new Google design, which includes a completely flat aesthetic.

Flat web design can be both beautiful and charming without lots of added embellishments, as it can be a clean and simple process to communicate a message or promote a product or an idea.


12 Great Examples of Flat Web Design


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  1. What do you think about that new Wix thing? As a designer I hate it! Google keeps making all these changes, how can I ever expect to succeed at website design?

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