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What make Adobe Lightroom powerful is it’s ability to extend it’s features with third-party presets. These presets allow you to instantly apply effects, enhance photos, adjust tone and mood, and much with just a few clicks.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even a graphic designer to optimise and enhance your photos. With the right Adobe Lightroom preset you can apply stunning effects, all by yourself.

Finding these amazing Lightroom presets is not difficult as there are plenty available on preset websites. But, for those of you who are on a tight on time, I’ve collected 12 free, and premium Lightroom presets you can download and use to enhance all kinds of photos.

1. Film Look Lightroom Presets

Film Look Lightroom Presets

Film look is a set of Lightroom presets that allows you to apply a unique effect to your photos to make them look more attractive. This set includes three different effects that are compatible with Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw.

Price: Free

2. 30 Duotone Lightroom Presets

30 Duotone Lightroom Presets

This set of 30 duotone effect is quite useful in giving your ordinary photos a more artistic look. In this Lightroom preset bundle it comes with thirty different presets with different styles of duotone effects you can use to enhance any and all kinds of photos.

Price: Free

3. Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset

Vibrant Colors Hdr Lightroom Preset

This Lightroom preset, called “Too Much Color”, is perfect for making dull photos come to life. It adds a lot of colour as well as increasing the dynamic range, so it works best with photos that have dull colours. If the photo already has strong color the results of the preset are likely to be too harsh.

Price: Free

4. Popper – Lightroom Preset & Action

Popper Lightroom Preset & Action

Popper is a Lightroom preset you can use to optimise your portrait and landscape photos taken in outdoor light conditions. Included are both a Lightroom preset and a Photoshop action.

Price: Free

5. Cinematic Landscape Lightroom Preset

Cinematic Landscape Lightroom Preset

With these preset you can add a creative cinematic effect to your landscape photos using this free Lightroom preset. The preset can be easily adjusted to your preference as well.

Price: Free

6. Landscape Photography Lightroom Preset

Landscape Photography Lightroom Preset

This Lightroom preset for enhancing your landscape photos. It will enhance colors and shapen the photos to make more professional. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and higher.

Price: Free

7. Wedding Lightroom Preset

Wedding Lightroom Preset

Adding pastel colour tones is a popular trend in wedding photography. This Lightroom preset features an easily customizable effect you can use to add colour tones and various adjustments to your wedding photos.

Price: Free

8. Editorial & Magazine Lightroom Presets

Editorial & Magazine Lightroom Presets

Editorial & Magazine Lightroom Presets is a collection of 30 professional Lightroom Presets perfect for photographers and graphic designers. These preset have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life. Apply them to achieve a silky smooth, polished magazine style look.

Price: Envato Elements Subscription

9. Blacktone Black & White Lightroom Presets

Blacktone Black & White Lightroom Presets

Blacktone collection offers advanced black and white conversion presets for Adobe Lightroom. Enhance your portrait workflow and speed-up your post-processing with this selection of ten presets with different styles. Editorial quality.

Price: Envato Elements Subscription

10. Indoor Fashion Lightroom Preset

Indoor Fashion Lightroom Preset

Indoor Fashion Lightroom Presets contains 11 unique customisable presets that will transform your photos to a pro shots in a few clicks!

This preset will give you stylized tone perfect for shooting in the studio or outdoors. This collection is designed to look great with a wide variety of images and will speed up your workflow, in many instances, you will be able to get a great result.

Price: Envato Elements Subscription

11. Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets

Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets

Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets is a pack of filters that will help you will create beautiful soft pastel tones for your photographs, with these presets you can speed up your workflow. These filters are designed to look great with a wide variety of images. In many instances, you will be able to get a great result with a single click.

Price: Envato Elements Subscription

12. Film Effect

Film Effect

The bundle has Lightroom presets that create beautiful effects similar to the ones you see in film photography. The presets are compatible with both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom.

Price: Envato Elements Subscription


12 Amazing Free & Premium Lightroom Presets