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Fonts is very important in web design, print design and advertising as it is the bond between the message and the way it is delivered, so it is vital to choose a good font in order to create something that really stands up and impress. But finding the perfect font requires a lot of trials and errors to see which one fits perfectly. Today’s post focuses on giving you 10 Perfectly Useful Fonts For Your Designs.. Please make sure you check each individual font license to see where you can use them.

1. Fancy Antique Display – $49

Fancy Antique Display is a uppercase display font inspired by French decorative alphabets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. One license is valid for 3 computers.

2. Bolda Display – $29

Bolda is a a-z lowercase display font in two styles; regular and outline. Lowercase is regular and uppercase is outline. Inspired by the 1970’s tennis, dart and ping pong fashion. One license is valid for 3 computers.

3. Hugo – $29

Hugo is a upper and lowercase font made for headlines, logos and everything above the body. Hugo has full european and worldwide support, with all alternative characters, perfect for creative multi language applications. One license is valid for 3 computers

4. Herbie – $49

Herbie is a uppercase display font with alternates on every character (lowercase), based only on circles and geometric lines. Herbie is inspired by, as the name might indicate, Herb Lubalin’s work and the decorative style and kerning of his era. One license is valid for 1 computer.

5. Alphageometry – Decorative Typeface – Free

ALPHAGEOMETRY is a set of simple decorative typeface with variations in lower case letters. Letterforms were designed using simple geometric shapes in a 10×10 square grid structure guide.  The Letters are not keyable fonts, They are in vector format and each letterform will need to be hand set and composed.

6. Slinkster Typeface – Free

A modular display face consisting of letters, numerals, basic punctuation, and a few extra goodies.

7. Bariol Regular – Free

The regular version has been released for free, the other weights can be bought at a price you’ll chose.

8. Navia Type – Free

9. The Giant Cowboy Army – $5

This is like a bones font but it’s just the giant cowboy army

10. Cosmo Path Type – Free

Cosmo Path Type is a handmade eps font. The project was inspired by cubicles, spaceship, triangle fashion pattern and illustrator pen path tool. It is free for personal and commercial use.


10 Perfectly Useful Fonts For Your Designs


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  1. Creative fonts play important role in appearance and delivering most important message in the web design and also to increase readability. Free and paid sources, both are the best if it matches with theme of the website.

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