This article was published 8 years ago, therefore the contents of this post may be out of date.

Sketch is a unique app which you can only get on a Mac. This app offers amazing features & functionality for those who wanting to creating app UI designs and/or mockups.

When we create an effective UI for an application three things comes to mind, and these are, time, attention to detail, and most importantly the idea of the app itself. In order to streamline the design process, this post set I’ve have collected the latest & best plugins & templates for Sketch which you can use for any of your projects.

1. States – Sketch Plugin


States is a sketch plugin which allows you to create Create different states and switch between them easily. It’s like layer comps for Sketch.

2. Craft – Sketch Plugin


Craft is a suite of plugins for Sketch & also for PhotoShop which allow you to design with real data in mind. Manage them via the new Craft Manager for incredibly easy updating.

3. Pixabay – Sketch Plugin


With this plugin for Sketch you can search through all 600.000+ free stock photos that you can find on the photo site Pixabay and add them to your artboard at the click of a button. Note: This plugin is $19 and is also available for PhotoShop user

4. Overview Art Board – Sketch Plugin


A plugin that helps you to create a artboard include all other artboards

5. Reselect – Sketch Plugin


Reselect allows you to restore a previous selection or save selections for later use (even after you close the document!).

6. Compo – Sketch Plugin


Compo is a Sketch plugin that makes it easier to work with interface components. With Compo, pressing ⌘J is all it takes to turn a text layer into a button or put an existing component in order. The plugin is especially effective if used jointly with State Machine.

7. Preview in Browser – Sketch Plugin


A plugin to properly view your design in browser.

8. Emojipsum – Sketch Plugin


This plugin prompts you for how many Emoji you want to generate into the selected text layer.

9. Screen Fork


ScreenFork is a Sketch app plugin that exports screen and their variants based on the layer prefix.

10. Optically


This is a handy plugin for automated and mathematically precise optical adjustments in Sketch.  Optically makes it easy to align layers to visual centers, align edges with overshooting and scale layers to the same size. Note: This plugin has a cost of $9



10 Great & Newly Released Plugins for Sketch