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In 2011 developers named Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton who then worked at Twitter announced to the world a new responsive framework called Twitter Bootstrap or as it widely know now as Bootstrap.

And since then Bootstrap has become of the best responsive frameworks out on the web today as the frameworks comes with a wide range of different tools that help with our designing and developing of websites as we can achieve astounding results with a custom framework seamlessly as it’s flaunts a massive collection of prestyled components that just oozes out the efficiency of any project.

We all know that Bootstrap comprises of CSS based design template used for navigation, typography, forms, buttons, and other interface components, as well as a option of some jQuery extensions.

We also see there are a various of User Interfaces for Bootstrap which allows for more customisation, but if you want to specifically use a module to become more handy as you want to use it more but wanting to remove some of the useless elements to make things more cleaner by easily using a Bootstrap UI Editor.

Featuring today is a roundup of 10 of the Best Bootstrap UI Editors that can do these jobs.

1. Jetstrap


First on the roundup list is Jetstrap, This is a paid web based JavaScript library that is primary used to develop rapid prototypes and various apps. Jetstrap flaunts a simple that has a exhilarating interface that uses the drag and drop functionality. Jetstrap offers a workspace that enables you to simply drag and drop any components in so you can customise it with ease.

While Jetstrap provides you a live preview with the code beautifully formatted, it also has multiple device emulators within the workspace that exports your code to create your new Jetstrap built website.

2. Pinegendo


Pingendo is a visual desktop Bootstrap editior Linux/Mac & Windows application that generates prototypes of responsive websites that are being based on the Bootstrap framework. With this app you can simple begin by using the collection of layouts that are available. By simply grabbing the components that you want to use and position them to the area you want them to be in you can then customise it according to your choice and desirable content.

3. Easel


Easel is another paid Bootstrap UI editor option as it is an awesome in-browser designer that allows you to mock up and collaborated on projects without swithching between the browser and an text editior. Easel offers rapid prototyping.

With Easel you can start importing elements from any already existing website as it will make a clickable prototype. By using Bootstrap, Easel creates markup that you can drop into your website and kick-start it and also by using Easel it will test it all without any help from an engineer.

4. Divshot


Divshot provides an extensively blazing speed with visual front-end development that contains functions from popular frameworks including Ratchet, Bootstrap and Foundation. It also propelled with an excellent theme switcher that enables you to change the appearance of your theme within time.

5. Layout It


Layout It is a popular bootstrap UI editor and it is free as Layout It provides you with some of the features that you see in the some of the paid versions of Bootstrap UI editors such as the ease of the drag & drop interface for producing front-end code easy and quickly. Layout It utilises every element of Bootstrap to simplify the coding without demand any experience of HTML5 or even JavaScript.

6. Boot UI


Boot UI is a great paid for visual Bootstrap Editor that doesn’t demand any CSS or HTML skills as it features a wide range of responsive templates, to get started with Boot UI you will need to select any template by double clicking on it to start editing any desired content. One thing that Boot UI flaunts the use of the app offline and the 24 templates.

7. Boot Theme


Boot Theme is a elegant & desirable Bootstrap UI editor that creates mockups & websites using the base of Bootstrap with the drag and drop UI option. By using Boot Theme you can immediately see all the changes that you’ve made in the live preview panel. And when you use the Place Editing feature to alter the content and import Bootstrap variables. Boot Theme also enables you to create your personal themes and templates.

8. BootSwatchr


BootSwatchr is one of the most desirable tools that is inspired from Bootswatch for generating themes, BootSwatchr is the only UI editior that support Right-To-Left language display. BootSwatchr uses LESS to create modular, dynamic stylesheets that gives you a live preview of the alterations you make.

9. Bootply


Bootply is a visual editor that once again contains the awesome drag & drop functionality that allows you to create prototypes and design them simultaneously test the framework at the same time. As Bootply as an active community it will simplifies your sharing and showcase the code and snippets you’ve created.

10. Kickstrap


Kickstrap is an amazing Bootstrap UI editor that uses Firebase which is a back-end as a service. Kickstrap seamlessly combines Bootstrap with top-tier web technologies. Kickstrap also has the ability to run an authenticated, database-driven web app without a native backend.


10 Best Bootstrap UI Editors For Bootstrappers


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