5 Great Version Control Software for Graphic Designers

You may have heard the term version control before and it’s an awesome technology, especially if you are a developer working within a team. But still, the version control concept is not familiar with designers. Thankfully we see in the design industry that a lot has changed. Designers are now…Read More

Update Your Drupal Site With A New Theme

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12 Awesome Adobe XD Resources & UI Kits For Designers

The rising popularity of Adobe XD makes it a fierce competitor to Photoshop and Sketch. Adobe XD is a very good prototyping tool as this tool lets you build anything to do with app design, responsive design, wireframing, prototyping or UI/UX. So today I have gathered some great Adobe XD…Read More

New Handpicked Goodies for Designers & Developers for August 2017

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20 Wonderful & Essential Sketch Plugins

There are so many things to love about Sketch, but one of the most loved features is that it makes it very easy to create plugins, made possible by JSTalk, as that will extend its functionality even further, and the greatest thing is that the Sketch community is always growing…Read More

15 Responsive & Lightweight CSS Frameworks

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20 Simple, Time-Saving and Free Tools for Web Designers

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Migrating HTTP to HTTPS

Question: In your browser does it being with an HTTP or HTTPS? If the answer is yes, let’s explore the how’s, the why’s and the maybe’s when it comes to an HTTPS migration with this great cheat sheet that was made possible by the guys over on On Blast Blog.

15 Useful Colour Tools, Palette, Scheme for Web Designers

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15 Great Adobe Premiere Pro Add-Ons: Templates and Plugins

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15 Brand New Sketch Plugins to make Sketch Better

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