12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers & Developers

While Chrome’s Dev Tools gives you a plethora of utilities that covers most of your design and development requirements, but adding extensions you can extend the browser functionality even further with these free to use chrome extensions. Depending on your needs, and by selecting the perfect extension combination, you can easily create a your…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 10 Best & Free Responsive Magazine Themes

Magazine themes for WordPress often come with clean and functional design. as these themes typically display excerpts or headlines on the home page, and it’s highlight the most important or the latest content. When we use WordPress magazine theme one upsides of using them are these typically been designed to…Read More

10 jQuery Plugins from GitHub That are Worth a Look

jQuery is clearly the most popular, and the purpose of jQuery is to make many of those JavaScript functions that typically need a lot of lines of code easier to manage, and write by bundling them into method’s that can be called upon with a single line of code. jQuery…Read More